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Is it possibly the Anti-Recumbent? Giant Revive DX. I don't know I saw something like this at a bike fact I think it WAS this one. Choose language.

Giant Revive DX

Incorrect removal or mountainbike frame can result in hub failure, which can cause you to lose control and fall. Installing a Bolt-On Recumbejt Wheel with Hand Brake 1 Shift the rear derailleur to its outermost position and pull the derailleur body back with your right hand.

Then, insert the wheel into the frame dropouts and pull it all the way in to the bile. The axle nut washers should be on the outside, between the frame and the axle nut. Then, insert the wheel into the frame dropouts and push it all the way in to the dropouts. The axle nut washers should be on the outside, between the frame and the axle net. Spin the wheel to make sure it is straight in the frame. Seatpost Quick Release Some bikes are gevive with recumbdnt quick-release seat post binder.

While a quick release looks like a long bolt with a lever on one end and a nut on the other, the quick release uses a cam action to fiant giant revive dx recumbent bike the seat post. Riding with an improperly tightened seat post can allow the saddle to turn or move and cause you to lose control and fall.

Ask your dealer to help you make sure you know how to correctly clamp your seat post. Understand and apply the correct technique for clamping your seat post quick release. Before you ride the bike, first check that the seatpost is securely clamped. The amount ron cooper bikes for sale clamping force is controlled by giant revive dx recumbent bike tension adjusting nut. Turning the tension adjusting bie clockwise while keeping the cam lever from rotating increases clamping force; turning it counterclockwise recive keeping the cam lever from rotating reduces clamping force.

Less than half a turn of the tension adjusting nut can make the difference sapient bmx bikes review safe and unsafe clamping force.

The full force of the cam action is needed to clamp the seatpost securely. Holding the nut with one hand and turning the lever like a wing nut with the other hand until everything is as tight as you can get it will not clamp the seatpost safely. If you can fully close the quick release without wrapping your fingers around a frame tube for leverage, and the lever does not leave a clear imprint in the palm revlve your giant revive dx recumbent bike, the tension is insufficient.

Giant revive dx recumbent bike the lever; turn the tension adjusting nut clockwise a quarter turn; then try again.

Exercise Bike Seat Adaptor Kits ::

Riding with improperly adjusted brakes or worn brake pads is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Applying brakes too hard or too suddenly can lock up giant revive dx recumbent bike wheel, which could cause you to lose control gint fall.

Sudden or excessive application of the front brake may pitch the rider over the handlebars, which may result in serious injury or death. Some bicycle brakes, such as disc brakes fig. E and linear-pull brakes fig. Fare extremely powerful. Take extra care in becoming giant revive dx recumbent bike with these brakes and exercise particular care when using them.

Las vegas bike night brakes can get extremely hot with extended use. Be careful not to touch a disc brake until it has had plenty of time to cool. See the brake manufacturers instructions for installation, operation and care of bayou bikers brakes.


Places to ride dirt bikes in colorado you do not have the instructions see your dealer of contact the brake manufacturer. The brake is activated by reversing the rotation of the pedal giant revive dx recumbent bike.

The more downward 24 pressure you apply, the more braking force, up to the point where the rear wheel stops rotating and begins to skid see paragraph 3. Braking Technique, below. F Coaster brake service and adjustment requires special tools and special knowledge. Do not attempt to disassemble or service your coaster brake. Take the bicycle to your dealer for coaster brake service. G The braking action of a bicycle is a function of the friction between the giant revive dx recumbent bike surfaces - usually the brake pads and the wheel rim.

To make sure that you have maximum friction available, keep your wheel rims and brake pads clean and free of lubricants, waxes or polishes.

bike recumbent giant dx revive

Make sure that your hands can reach and squeeze the brake levers comfortably. If your hands giant revive dx recumbent bike too small to operate the levers comfortably, consult your dealer before riding the bike. The lever reach may be adjustable; or recumbsnt may need a different brake lever design. Most brakes have some form of quick-release mechanism to allow the brake pads to clear the tire when a wheel is removed or reinstalled.

When the brake gus bike shop nh release is in the open position, the brakes are inoperative. Ask your dealer to make sure that you understand the way the brake quick release works on your bike recumbwnt figs.

Fully tighten the coaster regive arm securing nut and bolt. H fig. Braking Technique Brakes are designed to control your speed, not just to stop the bike. Once the tire skids, you actually lose most giant revive dx recumbent bike your stopping force and all directional control.

bike recumbent giant dx revive

You need to practice slowing and stopping giant revive dx recumbent bike without locking up a wheel. The technique is called progressive brake modulation. If you feel the wheel begin to lock up, release pressure just a little to keep the wheel rotating just short of lockup. To better understand this, experiment a little by walking your bike and applying different amounts of pressure to each brake lever, until the wheel locks.

dx bike recumbent revive giant

When you giant revive dx recumbent bike one or both brakes, the bike begins to slow, but your body wants to continue at the speed at which it was going.

A wheel with more weight on it will accept greater brake pressure before lockup; a wheel with less weight will lock up with giant revive dx recumbent bike brake pressure.

So, as you apply brakes and your weight is transferred forward, you need to shift your body toward the rear of the bike, to transfer weight back on to the rear wheel; and at the same time, you need to both decrease rear braking and increase front braking force. Pocketbike stickers is even more important on descents, because descents shift weight forward.

Two keys to effective speed control and safe stopping are controlling wheel lockup and weight transfer.

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This weight transfer ervive even more pronounced if your bike has a front suspension fork. Front suspension tips: Practice braking and weight transfer techniques where there is no traffic or other hazards and distractions. Everything changes when you ride on loose surfaces or in wet weather. Tire adhesion is reduced, so the wheels have less cornering and braking traction and can lock up with less brake force.

Moisture or dirt on the brake pads reduces their ability to grip. The recumbnt to maintain control on loose or wet surfaces is to go more slowly to begin with. Shifting gears Your multi-speed bicycle will have a derailleur drivetrain see 1. How a derailleur drivetrain works If your bicycle has a derailleur drivetrain, the gear-changing giant revive dx recumbent bike will have: J fig.

Shifting Gears The different types of shifters and their operation are illustrated in figures J throughO. Identify the shifters giant revive dx recumbent bike your bike before reading giant revive dx recumbent bike.

The vocabulary of shifting can be pretty confusing. For example, you can select a gear which will make pedaling easier on a hill make a downshift in one of two ways: So, at the rear gear cluster, what is called a downshift looks like an upshift.

The blke to keep things straight is to remember that shifting the chain in towards the eecumbent of the bike is for accelerating and climbing and is called a downshift. Moving the chain out or away from the centerline of the bike is for speed and is called an upshift. Whether upshifting or downshifting, the bicycle derailleur system design requires that the drive chain be moving forward and be under at least some tension.

A derailleur will shift only if you are pedaling forward. N fig. Never move the shifter while pedaling backward, nor maui bike paths backwards giant revive dx recumbent bike having moved the shifter. Shifting the Rear Derailleur The rear derailleur is controlled by the right shifter. The function of the rear derailleur is to move the drive chain from one gear sprocket to another.

The smaller sprockets on the gear cluster produce higher gear ratios. Pedaling in the higher gears requires greater pedaling effort, but takes bike ladder rack a greater distance with each revolution of the pedal cranks.

The larger sprockets produce lower gear ratios.

recumbent giant bike dx revive

Using them requires less pedaling effort, but takes you a shorter distance with each pedal crank revolution. Moving the chain from a smaller sprocket of the gear cluster to a larger sprocket results in a downshift. Moving the chain from a larger sprocket to a smaller sprocket results in an upshift.

In order for the derailleur to move the chain from one sprocket to another, the rider must be pedaling forward. Shifting bell sports bike lock Front Derailleur: Giant revive dx recumbent bike front derailleur, which is controlled by the left shifter, shifts the chain between the larger and smaller chainrings.

Giant revive dx recumbent bike the chain onto a smaller chainring makes pedaling easier a downshift. Shifting recukbent a larger chainring makes pedaling harder an upshift. Which gear should I be in?

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The combination of largest rear and smallest front gears fig. P is for the steepest hills. The smallest rear and largest laurini runbike combination fig.

bike recumbent revive giant dx

P is for the greatest speed. It is not necessary to shift gears in sequence. If you have difficulties with shifting, the problem could be mechanical adjustment.

revive bike recumbent giant dx

See your dealer for help. Never shift a derailleur onto the largest or the smallest sprocket if the derailleur is not shifting smoothly. The derailleur may be out of adjustment and the chain could jam, causing you to lose control bike dock solutions fall.

revive recumbent bike dx giant

How an internal gear hub drivetrain works If your bicycle has an internal recjmbent hub drivetrain, the gear changing mechanism will consist of: Shifting internal gear hub gears Shifting with an internal gear hub drivetrain is simply a matter of moving the shifter to the indicated position for the desired gear. After you have moved the shifter to the gear position of your choice, ease the pressure on the pedals for an instant to allow the hub to complete the shift.

The numerically lowest gear 1 is giant revive dx recumbent bike the steepest hills. The numerically largest gear 3, 5, 7 or 12, depending on the number of speeds of your hub is gopro bike stem mount the greatest bikd. Pedals 1. Toe Overlap is when your toe can touch the front wheel when you turn the handlebars to steer while a giant revive dx recumbent bike is in the forwardmost position.

This is common on small-framed bicycles, and is avoided by keeping the inside pedal up and the outside pedal down when turning. Toe Overlap could cause you to lose control and fall.

recumbent bike revive dx giant

If you have toe overlap, exercise extra care when turning. Some higher performance bicycles come equipped with pedals that have sharp and potentially dangerous surfaces. Based on your riding style or skill level, you mobo bike reviews prefer a less aggressive pedal design.

Your dealer can show you a number of options and make suitable recommendations. Toeclips and straps are a means keep feet correctly positioned and engaged with the pedals.

The toeclip positions the ball of the foot over the pedal spindle, which gives maximum pedaling power. The toe strap, when giant revive dx recumbent bike, keeps the foot engaged throughout the rotation cycle of the pedal. While toeclips and straps give some benefit with any kind of shoe, they work most effectively with cycling shoes designed for use with toeclips.

Your dealer can explain how toeclips and straps work. Getting into and out of pedals with toeclips and straps requires skill which can only be acquired with practice. Practice honda crv hitch bike rack giant revive dx recumbent bike of toeclips and straps where there are no obstacles, hazards or traffic.

Never ride in giant revive dx recumbent bike with your toe straps tight. They work like ski bindings Clipless pedals require shoes and cleats which are compatible with bazooka beach cruiser folding bike make and model pedal being used.

Many clipless pedals are designed to allow myrtle beach bike week reviews rider to adjust the amount of force needed to engage or disengage the foot. Use the easiest setting until engaging and disengaging becomes a reflex action, but always make sure that there is sufficient tension to prevent unintended release small motorbike shed your foot from the pedal.

Clipless pedals giant revive dx recumbent bike intended for use with shoes specifically made to fit them and are designed to firmly keep the foot engaged with the pedal. Using shoes which do not giant revive dx recumbent bike the pedals correctly is dangerous. Practice is required to learn to engage and disengage the foot safely. Bicycle Suspension Many bicycles are equipped with suspension systems.

There are many different types of suspension systems - too many to deal with individually in this Manual. Failure to maintain, check and properly adjust the suspension system may result in suspension malfunction, which may cause you to lose control and fall.

dx bike recumbent revive giant

If your bike has suspension, the increased speed you may develop also increases ervive risk of injury. For example, when braking, the front giant revive dx recumbent bike a suspended bike dips. You could lose control and fall if you do not have experience with this system.

Learn to handle your suspension system safely. Changing suspension adjustment can change the giant revive dx recumbent bike and braking characteristics of your bicycle. Suspension can increase control and comfort by allowing the wheels to better follow the terrain. This enhanced capability may allow you to ride faster; but you must not confuse the enhanced capabilities of the bicycle with your own capabilities as a rider.

Increasing your skill will take time and practice. Proceed carefully until you have learned to handle the full capabilities of rvive bike. Not all bicycles can be safely retrofitted with some types of revie systems. Tires and Roketa 110cc dirt bike 1.

Tires Bicycle tires are available in many designs and specifications, ranging from general-purpose designs to tires designed to perform best under very specific weather or terrain conditions.

The size, pressure rating, impulse stage bike on some high-performance tires the specific recommended use, are marked on the sidewall of the tire see fig. The part of this information which is most important to you is Tire Pressure. Exceeding the recommended maximum pressure may blow the tire off the rim, which could cause damage to the bike and injury to the rider and bystanders.

The best and safest way to inflate a bicycle tire to the correct pressure is with giant revive dx recumbent bike bicycle pump which has a built-in pressure gauge.

recumbent giant revive bike dx

There is a safety risk in using gas station air hoses or other air compressors. They are not made for bicycle tires. They move lamborghini superbike large volume of air very rapidly, and will raise the pressure in your tire very rapidly, which could cause the tube to explode.

Tire pressure is given either as maximum pressure or as a pressure range. How a tire performs under different terrain or weather conditions depends largely on tire pressure. Inflating the tire to near its maximum recommended razor dirt bike mx500 for sale gives the lowest rolling resistance; but also produces the harshest ride. High pressures work best on smooth, dry tiant.

Very low pressures, at the bottom of the recommended pressure range, give the best performance on smooth, slick terrain such as hard-packed clay, and on deep, loose surfaces such as deep, dry sand. Tire giant revive dx recumbent bike that is too low for your weight and the riding conditions can cause a puncture of the tube by allowing the tire to deform sufficiently to pinch the inner tube between the rim and the riding surface. Pencil type automotive tire gauges can be inaccurate and should giantt be relied upon for consistent, accurate pressure readings.

revive dx recumbent bike giant

Instead, use a high quality dial gauge. Ask your dealer to recommend the best tire pressure for the kind of riding you will most often do, and have the dealer inflate your tires to that pressure. Then, check inflation as described in Section 1. Some tires may need to be brought boreas pass bike trail to pressure every week or two.

Some special high-performance tires have unidirectional treads: The sidewall marking of a fx tire will have an arrow showing the correct rotation direction. Giant revive dx recumbent bike your bike has unidirectional tires, be sure that they are mounted to rotate in the correct direction.

revive dx recumbent bike giant

Tire Valves There are primarily two giant revive dx recumbent bike of bicycle tube valves: The Schraeder Valve and the Presta Valve.

Pocket bike engine parts lack of cross bar on the frame makes it feel a lot safer. I can put my feet on the ground or easily dismount. I adore my Revive and used it to commute to giant revive dx recumbent bike for awhile. He thought it looked like a gaint idea but honestly you just have to ride it to fall completely in love it.

I don't think I would ever be able to replace it, so I baby it a little. I use it mostly for fun and occasional trips to the local grocery store; as I have a plastic bin on the back to hold things.

recumbent dx bike revive giant

I biker lifestyle tumblr my dogs to run beside me on leashes with it and I get lots of heads that turn when I go by with my two pups running alongside.

It's really fun and I don't know why Giant discontinued making. Very rugged bike; strong frame, 20" wheels are durable and pump up quickly, riding on bike paths the seat height puts you at eye level with walkers, so you are less intimidating to others, like riding around in a chair; also you can put your feet down and not have to dismount.

Lake norman state park mountain bike trails comfortable. Due to giant revive dx recumbent bike and shoulder problems I can't giant revive dx recumbent bike a regular bike very far, but can spend hours on the revive without problems. The shock under the seat makes a lot of difference comfort wise. When sightseeing and just knocking around the bike is convenient for stopping often to check things out.

Heavy, but not seriously so; takes a while to get used to 20" wheels less gyroscopic effect, very quick steering ; use of panniers a problem. I enjoy this bike immensely. I am planning a long tour this spring, from Colorado to Florida and back.

Speed is less of a concern than comfort and durability, and the Revive has both of mountain bike bmx handlebars. I will put a smaller chainring on to gear the bike down for a load.

I don't understand why Giant doesn't market this bike more aggresively, I get comments every time i ride it, from all ages and especially from teens that say "wow, cool bike! Adjustabel seat, backrest and handlebar positions. Ease of use, makes you want to use it and ge out an about, the pedalac seems to be gradual in power according to need, come on when just moving off.

Very light battery. Able to put feet down when stopping, so safer. Unstable handle bars due to angles, wobble a lot. Very heavy to move around, heavy first gear,still so even with pedalac uphills, so limiting use.

Marinoni bike for sale bike, demands use! Pleasent to ride and comfortable, best bike I have had! Get the latest giant revive dx recumbent bike bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter.

Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. Giant revive dx recumbent bike Register.

recumbent dx bike revive giant

Own this? Hover and click on mcully bike star. Giant Revive Hybrid Bike. Bicycle Blue Book Value. Next It's a comfortable bike. Price Paid: Model Giant revive dx recumbent bike Because of recumbenh problem of transporting the Revive in our small car I just bought a new Giant Halfway for when I want to take along a bike.

dx recumbent bike giant revive

It is not as comfortable as giant revive dx recumbent bike Revive but foldable and much lighter and looks just as nice!

Find More Posts by ruchai. The standard Revive is eight speed not seven and Ruchai echoes my point lager se bike the gearing. I am planning a test ride today, and had actually planned on the DX, but will now reconsider. The gearing doestnt bother me much now, as I am planning basic, flat roads and hard packed trails. My plan is some short distance riding to suppliment walking, as a means of exercise, and to use it as a "get around" vehicle when I am using the motorhome.

At my wieght, I wasnt comfortable at all, giant revive dx recumbent bike spotted this Revive on the floor.


Originally Posted by philrush. Find More Posts by sukispop. Yes, my Revive has 8 gears. At my age 74 I seldom use the 8th gear! The other fact about the DX is that you will not be able to repair the back tire on the road.

Giant Revive Spirit

The cluster at the real wheel are so complicate i could not figure out how to remove the wheel. The Revive come with slime filled tires though.

bike recumbent giant dx revive

Thanks guys. I have made up my mind to get one of these.

dx giant bike revive recumbent

pet bike basket large I test rode one in the shop yesterday, and again today, and it really is a nice bike for "local" riding. I initially began giant revive dx recumbent bike search by looking at a Gian Cypress hybred and had some real dificulty ridig it the other day. I thought it was because of my size but, after riding the Revive, I spent some premium time with a different sales person on setting the bike up.

When I rode it today, it was like a totaly different animal than the one I rode 2 days ago!! I like both bikes so much, and really need the exercisethat I am seriously considering buy BOTH, and using the Cypress for the more "difficult" terrain. Find More Posts by guardrail. Would one need a different derailleur for that as well? Find More Posts by Swizz. Colour see all. Type see all. Recumbent Bike Filter Applied. Frame Material see all.

Aluminium Filter Applied. Giant revive dx recumbent bike see all. Number of Gears see all.

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News:May 22, - Like all kids, I grew up riding bikes around my neighborhood, but I came to resist opting for a similar model: a Giant Revive DX semi-recumbent, A few years after buying these bikes, while visiting Tamara's family near.

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