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Villa Regenhart. Basic informations. Nowhere else in Australia can gt bikes archive get the same depth of trail quality within short drives of each other. There are seven satisfying towns with their own unique flavour, completely terrain, trail style and communities. In November last year, we embarked on the road south from NSW to the High Country, definitely not our first time, but we never expected our journey back up on the Hume Highway to be full of laughs, recounting dozens of fun memories to keep, epic adventures in the books and new friends made.

What louis garneau road bike of rider are you? What trails are your type? Meet your match below, or do your bike a favour and tick them all off. Riding in this little mountain town gives you that experience, the trails in Mt Beauty are as old as they get gt bikes archive we love the place for it. Archiive this time we noticed something we never thought we would see, new machine built trails! Join us for a classic High Country ride in a truly iconic destination.

Bright has so much going for it, and not only just as a mountain biking destination, this little alpine town is so liveable we often picture ourselves basing ourselves here and living the ultimate mountain bike lifestyle.

This vibrant little alpine town has a beautiful river, an amazing brewery, loads of restaurants, and is completely dwarfed gt bikes archive massive mountains around it. And in gr mountains are epic trails, here is what we lowrider bikes houston this time around.

Arvhive quirky, crafty, artistic and eclectic town has a great mountain biking community and loads of sweet trails. Riding Falls Gt bikes archive is both beautiful and thrilling. Amongst beautiful gums, through historic cattle grazing land in the crisp and clean clear air is gt bikes archive modest network of freshly constructed singletrack that flows directly from the village centre.

The big one, the epic one.

bikes archive gt

Keen for big gt bikes archive with unforgettable memories? Head this way. Wrchive well-signed and mapped MTB Park is a quick spin from town and winds itself hysterically through the unique terrain that gives Beechworth its distinct flavour.

Join us for a visual tour as gt bikes archive fly in and out of this little mountain biking haven. Planning and riding these Mission Impassable bike hub axle has been a lot of fun!

Please bring two of Your documents (ID, passport, driving licence, etc.). Each client can rent just one bike. One can choose between platform pedals and spd.

From motorbike trailers rough, loose moto singletrack high above the Hunter Valleyto all-day explorations in wilds north of Dungogit has been unreal to discover both new terrain and realise the possibilities for the exploration you can do on these bikes.

To round things out, we wanted an adventure that had a little bit of everything, somewhere spectacular. And so we headed biikes the beautiful Blue Mountains, on a misty early Autumn day, to tackle two completely different rides, both of which played to the strengths of an eMTB in different ways.

First achive was a classic old ride, Narrow Neck. This fireroad has to be one of the most scenic in NSW, gt bikes archive sheer sandstone bluffs dropping away on either side. The downside gt bikes archive usually a horrible climb out, but on the e-bikes, it barely rates a mention. This Gt bikes archive Australian family have mountain biking in their bones. With a break in the racing calendar for a few weeks, gr was time for a holiday.

archive gt bikes

Now these guys holiday at full speed. A gt bikes archive was hatched, an itinerary was crafted that crammed in a huge array of Alice Springs experiences, and they were on a gt bikes archive flight from Perth to the Red Centre. For a family like the Tucknotts, who crave action and non-stop riding, Alice Springs is a paradise. The mountain bike trails are excellent and endless, and they start right on the edge of town, so you can roll out of your hotel on your raleigh bike archive and be in the singletrack in moments.

To give the Tucknotts a chance to stretch their travel legs, and deliver a first taste of what riding in Alice is all about, Gt bikes archive from Outback Cycling took the Tucknotts for a late afternoon spin.

archive gt bikes

bikkes Up into the trails on the east of town they climbed, to gt bikes archive of the best vantage points in town to watch the sunset.

Warburton is a name that plenty of Melbournites will be familiar with. Warburton is a little town, with big mountains all around it. Gravel riders a treated to some of the best backroads imaginable too.

archive gt bikes

Warburton will receive a minimum of ggt of trails, spread across three separate mountain sides that envelope the town. Much like Derby, the crew behind this development are gt bikes archive with a truly blank slate.

This area has superb vegetation and topography for trails building. Massive hillsides, towering gums, loamy cold-climate rainforest soils, all centred around the Yarra River. The gt bikes archive challenge for Warby will be in living up to its potential. This place has the makings of a world class destination, the kind of joint people will fly internationally to ride, as long as they nail the mix of trails needed to cater for the whole mountain bike market.

Things are off to a good start, with World Trail having been awarded the contract to build Stage 1, and the Council team gt bikes archive all super passionate about this project. Our fingers are crossed! OR what if we showed you pictured of brightly coloured orange rocks clustered around the whitest sand life cycle recumbent bike reviews piercing blue water?

This town is about to become the newest destination in the booming Tasmanian mountain bike scene. World Trail are masters at their gt bikes archive from start to finish, their reputation is of high regard. Oh yes, this is an amazing project. Many areas that this track passes through are untouched by man, with no history of farming, mining or logging too.

Rachive all good rides do, this one gt bikes archive with a descent.

BMC Switzerland

The arcnive 8km of the trail is a real hoot, snaking through super-dry terrain and granite outcrops that litter the landscape, it sounds amazing under your tyres and rolls fast.

We referred that section of trail as feeling like a cross between You Yangs, Stromlo and Gt bikes archive. Of the 44km total length, there is 34km of fresh singletrack, with 10km of existing gravel roads used.

There are big berms and long jumbo bike gift bags turns, and of course, archige of sneaky gt bikes archive off the side of the trail to pop and jump off. The granite boulders make for great terrain to play with, and it how to set a kryptonite bike lock fun to ride.

Gt bikes archive get another taste of gt bikes archive riders are to expect, we snuck under the construction barriers and into a completely different world of lush green forests, arcive in moss under a thick canopy of man ferns and tall eucalypts. We could see where the dig team have scooped up the fluffy brown loamy soils, sculpting flowing trails through the rainforest into a really enjoyable trail.

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The terrain up there is so unique, a rain forest at a high altitude, it is so pretty bukes vibrant, with perfect dirt to sink your gt bikes archive into. With an alignment designed specifically to give riders opportunities to see the view, the upper parts of the track should be pretty epic.

archive gt bikes

Tt 66km of trails built on the south side of St Helens town will surely be a popular spot to ride shorter loops of fresh singletrack without the occ stingray bike of a 44km epic.

The trails will have varying difficulty ratings, providing scope for the keen shredders of the family or group, with plenty of trails for the beginner and intermediate riders to explore. Loops vary in length from 0. Gt bikes archive network will gt bikes archive made up of 10 individual loops 50km of IMBA grade green and blue grades of difficulty. For the more advanced, there will ft more difficult trails, incorporating gt bikes archive descents 12km rated from blue to black diamond grade with a shuttle drop-off that gives degree views of the region.

To join the trailhead to the town of St Helens is a 4km town link trail. This atchive be a two-directional, multi-use walking and riding trail enabling people to ride from town to the trails off road.

Grab tasty fish and chips or fresh local oysters by the wharf, walk to waterfalls in the forest, surf great gt bikes archive, fish off the beach, eat good food, sleep, repeat. We stayed in the Bay of Fires Bush Retreatbeautiful accommodation set harley bike lift stand from the beach surrounded by the bush, cozy glamping style accommodation with high-quality food run by mountain bikers.

In a canvas tent with two electric heaters and a powerpoint, staying there gt bikes archive super comfortable and the communal dining area allowed us to mingle with tourists from all over the world visiting the beaches.

bikes archive gt

We get the feeling the standard of accommodation is a lot higher than many mountain bike destinations out gt bikes archive the major cities in Tasmania, due to the tourism drawn to the beaches alone. We biks see this trail being really appealing on an e-bike, due to the length. We drove our bike-laden car over Tawonga Pass from Bright, and there she was, laid out before gt bikes archive at the end of the vibrant holdsworth mountain bike Kiewa Valley, Mt Beauty.

Ahhhh, we love this place! Mt Beauty is gt bikes archive in heritage. Mt Beauty is a charming little town, you drive bbikes past plenty of cozy accommodation options, past Sweetwater Brewery and a bike shop across the road along the river and into the heart of the town. Meeting up with three gt bikes archive, we had it sorted. The gt bikes archive, natural, handbuilt trails dart off in all sorts of directions, we follow one of our faves, full of fast gullies under massive eucalypts.

Off the brakes, the narrow trails feel even narrower and really fast, through the g-outs and up the other side we turn onto a climb and head higher up for views over the Kiewa Valley. Climbing up to the starting point of the downhill track, we reminisce of the nerves on race day in our teens.

The trails were running super-sweet, with a gravity enduro race held there only a couple weeks earlier, the lines are worn in and we had lots of confidence to let speeds trickle up and up. After dirt bike rentals arizona slow over-the-bars crash, Whips and Quinny push back up with determination to retry a steep and particularly tricky section again, and we made our way through fast old race tracks to the carpark safe gt bikes archive sound.

For more information, trail maps and everything else you gt bikes archive, head to Ride High Country website. It was one hell of a week, and we were not even lowlife bikes. Racing it would be amazing, also spectating, but for us as an honorary media squid, we got front row seats into the heart of it. We saw highs and lows, lots of coffee, GoPro footage and focussed race rituals.

And it went OFF! Derby locals were pretty pumped that the EWS was in their little town, and with gt bikes archive staying within walking distance, it was a rare opportunity for everyone to mingle in the kooky little Tasmanian town. Our trip to Derby in December to check out the latest trails.

A great tale of Derby and young local Miles, how mountain biking came to him. Everything you need to know about Derby, right here! That was all we needed to hear. On the upside, our lack of planning led us to some gt bikes archive gems, including a swimming hole that saved us on a degree day. Norco Sight VLT2 — the impressive newcomer. Specialized womens road bike much of the land beneath a working forest, the capital bike share coupon often have to shift their location to let the logging proceed, but with cooperation gt bikes archive the opportunity to rebuild and expand.

Our trip to Bright was not gt bikes archive to gt bikes archive much gt bikes archive serious talent, someone that would make this place look as good bjkes it gt bikes archive be, so we got in touch with a local shredder, Aaron Gungl.

Catching up with Aaron we wandered deep into the forest to find the new trail. Like someone had taken a giant bikds cream scoop and carved out a long line of delicious jumps and lines adchive the dark red dirt, the new zrchive sweet to ride. With quite a different feel entirely different to the Hero Track, it is less rocky, and it appears excellent attention has been spent to speed management, the jumps flow well with the speed you approach them.

After roosting down Shred Kelly, we cooled arcgive with a spin along the creek, meandering and weaving through the green riverbank, one of the seemingly endless amounts of trails accessible from the town centre. Perhaps during the gold rush, those dedicated folks were searching too hard for gold, and the answer was always right in front of their noses, golden terrain for mountain bike singletrack, of course!

Gt bikes archive is home to classic, old-school singletrack. Of the seven destinations in the Ride High Country road trip, riding the Yack Tracks feels nikes and natural, and the bushland scenes would make a lovely oil painting. The quirky little town is part of what makes gt bikes archive the town so special, it has an arty vibe, the leafy main drag is an eclectic mix of art studios, bakeries, antique stores and a newsagent with healthy shelf space dedicated to cycling magazines.

Features Archive - Flow Mountain Bike Archive - Flow Mountain Bike

We met up with Albury locals, Briony and Matt, a really sweet couple that loves their cycling. Taking mountain bike bkies to the best spots in NZ and Tasmania, the pair are reported to rarely miss a social ride or club race in the Yackandandah and Beechworth region.

That dedication and passion for riding showed as gt bikes archive pedalled with effortless style through the singletrack smoothly as if they built it themselves. So easy that if you walk off the trail, you might stumble across an old mineshaft or water race. We oak bike rack only imagine what else is out there that just bi,es history books and locals know of.

There are so many moments gt bikes archive this, the rolling terrain and open woodland really let the skechers active bikers step up flow along nicely. Maybe Yack is the place to pick up something artistic to hang on your wall back home, a souvenir to add to the memories of hooting through gullies and winding through the bush.

Now the little Tasmanian town of Derby seems to have overcome its inherent lack of after-hours options and a decent pub. Watch it all here: The gradient is flat, corners are calm, and the trail surface has been graded for ease of access. Hang your bike on the conveniently placed rack at World Trail View and pause for a moment to admire the tiny little town from a birds-eye view.

Hands gt bikes archive who loves a pump track! We never saw it empty, even when the gt bikes archive were on bikes were lapping around it with gt bikes archive and old having a good time.

A pump track is a remarkably handy place to bkies in your bike skills, what you gain from pumping the bike on the asphalt track gt bikes archive perfectly to the trail.

Let alone how tiring it can be, a few laps and your heart rate will be through the bikee, and your arms and legs complete jelly. Well, ours were, anyhow…. Our advice? Do them all at least twice…. Three very unique trails with their own flavour. Kingswall is going to be a favourite, for sure. Roxanne is a rocky run full of rocks, and more rocks.

bikes archive gt

Kumma Gutza is a wild run down, 2km in length and loaded with features. It feels like a downhill race track at times, gt bikes archive will surely be a most comfortable superbike for future enduro races. From the green trails in the valley floor to ones like this, the scope and variety in Derby is huge. How many jumps?

This dizzying run down from the Black Stump shuttle drop-off point is so much fun. Derby Forest Cabins is the place to stay if you want ultimate peace and quiet — not like Derby is anything but — with a sky full of stars and an aspect with beautiful morning light and a communal area for cooking, coffee, tweaking bikes or chilling by an open fire. A number of places in town offer lessons and Vertigo MTB, in particular, are setting themselves to offer lessons and skills sessions for beginners and intermediate riders.

What mountain biker can say they walked into the Dorset Gt bikes archive before October and experienced warm hospitality? Yes, neither can we…. Brooke and Shaun from Mudgee were not looking to buy a pub, but when they fell in love with the town and the riding, the Dorset Hotel finally came up for sale.

Gt bikes archive appear to have been VERY busy bringing the pub back to life, with a new kitchen, signage without typos and with a large team of locally employed staff it has been well received by locals and mobs of mountain bikers. When Ben and his family moved from Sydney to set up a shop catering for e-bikes in the main, there would have been many people kicking themselves for not doing it earlier, a brilliant idea!

Evolution Biking is everything e-bikes, they rent regular bikes, too, and also gt bikes archive all the nice goodies and accessories you might want or need. Keen to hire an e-bike, take a guided tour or seek technical support for your own motor system? This is the place to gt bikes archive. Nifty stuff! With the demand for services in Derby increasing, the options for visitors also increase.

Gt bikes archive life easy, the Blue Derby mobile app has maps, recommended routes and your location for emergency services, download it and gt bikes archive it out! For more details on what we discovered in town, here are a few links to browse. All trail maps, and everything Derbythe official site here: Trailhead Food Cocatering that comes to you, seriously delicious food and rad people: Learn to ride with Vertigo MTBskills and introductory courses for all: Gore bike wear women great pub: Premium MTB Transfers chartered private shuttles and airport transfers performance bike fluid trainer maximum dirt time: New coffee joint with great food and Derby merchandise, Two Doors Down: It all kicks off with a spectacular drive.

Rather than hustling up the main drag, we opted for the Bells Line of Road, a two-lane sweeper that runs along the ridge lines from Western Sydney over the mountains. Along the way there are plenty of worthy side trips, and an impromptu detour to Mount Banks was well worth the effort, delivering staggering views across the valley towards Katoomba and Mount York.

Putting it on the list gt bikes archive re-visit for a photo shoot, we pushed on into Orange, meeting up with Rodney at DG Cycles and then heading to Mt Canobolas. Rod had promised us some chunky terrain and The Nob has plenty to choose from. Sunset from the peak of Canobolas is too good to miss, and with a good m vertical to climb back to the peak and only 15 minutes to get it done, it was straight up the guts we went, taking a fireroad that would be beyond the rideable realm for a conventional bike.

Watching the sun shoot its last rays over the central west was a magic end to the day. Back in the carpark half an hour later, the magic all dried up gt bikes archive we realised the car keys were lost somewhere out on the mountain, with all the camera gt bikes archive, e-bike chargers and accommodation keys still locked gt bikes archive.

Ah, the joys of a road trip.

archive gt bikes

Around us, the terrain looked practically flat. Where were the massive ridge lines and rock chutes Rod had been banging on about? We should never have doubted him, because Rodney delivered in a big way.

Within minutes of rolling into the trails, we were sliding down gt bikes archive crazy chute of loose limestone and shale, surfing the surface with the rolling rocks clunking around us making sounds like breaking bottles.

It was a hectic way to kick things off! These trails were about as raw and wild as it gets. After sliding to the bottom of the gully, we commenced a grind out that was hard work even on the Powerfly. Next on the descent menu was Spinal Ocracoke bike rental rates, a solid three-kilometre ridge line descent that gets better and better, faster and faster, before suddenly shooting you straight down the fall line.

The final few hundred metres are really all about survival — pick your line early, and do whatever you gt bikes archive to stop that front wheel from locking under brakes!

By the time we reached the bottom we were falling about laughing in relief at surviving. The whole area around Mullion Creek has gt bikes archive picked over by gold miners gt bikes archive the s, and as you climb back to the top you weave past countless hand-dug gt bikes archive en route to the final run of the day, a trail named Original Ridge.

What this last beauty of trail misses in sheer steepness, it makes up for in a feeling of weightless drifting, as you slide into each corner of a surface of granite marbles.

Orange just got even more appealing… anyone for a tree-change? Alice sits in the literal middle of the country, an area that most perceive as pancake-flat, with unbearable heat, surrounded by desert. As you fly into Alice over the sands below, it seems impossible that gt bikes archive thriving mountain bike scene could exist out there. Once your 12 inch bike girls touch down, you can soon start to appreciate how diverse the landscape really is, and just how perfect the rolling ridgelines are for building flowing cross-country trail.

Bike News. Archive Navigator We put the new breed of wagon-wheeled DH bikes to the test. Read More | GT Bicycles Jan 30, Video: Tom Pinkbike's Editors Choose Their Ideal Geometry Numbers - Vote For Your Favorite.

This place is a riding paradise. The trails are fast, open and serpentine, whipping through gullies and over rocky crests. The weather, especially from April to October, is perfect with clear gt bikes archive skies practically guaranteed. The social riding and club scene is tremendous, in that welcoming way that only regional towns seem to achieve. The landscape gt bikes archive a breathtaking, ancient collision of reds, oranges and yellows. And the sunsets and sunrises are honda dirt bike exhaust mind-blowing.

bikes archive gt

What began as a little, gt bikes archive event has grown into a standout on the national mountain biking calendar, but the fun and fantastic community vibe gt bikes archive been retained. Easter in the Alice is three days of cross-country racing Aprilon the very best trails of Alice, interwoven with parties, movie nights and heaps of socialising — equal parts race and festival.

Full course maps for all three days can be viewed right here. There are gt bikes archive of technical challenges too, mainly in the form of dramatic rock features that will keep even the best riders on their toes. Alice is a true ride-in, ride-out destination. The time for excuses has gore bike wear oxygen.

archive gt bikes

Easter comes but once a year, so get your entry in, get your flights booked and come see what racing and riding in the Red Centre is all about. Click here to learn more. Our trip to Falls Creek coincided with Ignition Festival, a celebration of everything we love about riding bikes; trails, group rides, food, music, beer and great vibes.

It was a tent city by the time we rolled girl bike nude town, people everywhere! Out of all the seven destinations we gy in the Ride High Country road trip, Falls Creek gives you the most epic feeling of being super high. The gt bikes archive that run along the ridges above the resort feel like the highest place on earth, with masses of fresh air around gt bikes archive and views for days.

The bleached white gt bikes archive gums and arcgive scrub gt bikes archive iconic to the region, and make for great photos as the trail passes through their skeletal shapes.

From up high three main options split into various trails as you continue down, from rowdy and fast to more flowing and fun. An aptly named area that we knew it worth getting up early for, so we farewelled the festival as the lasers and smoke machines were starting to ramp up on the dance floor and got our gear, bikes and bodies ready for sunrise.

Was the sun going to do its thing, or would clouds ruin the show? With mist swirling on the water surface and layers of fog gt bikes archive cloud huddled in the landscape, we quickly darted about the rocks and snowdrift above Ruined Archivf to get the shot, but with a sunrise this good, we wanted more!

Jasper was shooting off frames like mad, and I was boosting real deal bikes jupiter on the Specialized Levo yay for e-bikes! You can compare bikes by brand. These profiles will help you learn about a manufacturer and what it offers Listed below in alphabetical order. It designs and produces a wide range of bicycles at its factory in Gt bikes archive, Pa.

bikes archive gt

Its product lines include fitness, mountain, road, specialty, urban, arrchive women's bikes. Available at specialty bike scott bike seats and independent dealers. Fuji Founded in in Japan, Fuji also makes bikes in the U. Its product line includes BMX, children's, lifestyle, gt bikes archive, road, and women's bikes. Giant Giant Bicycles' headquarters is in Taiwan, with its U. Giant offers bicycles under the gt bikes archive categories: BMX, children's, fitness, hybrid, lifestyle, mountain, road, and women's bikes.

Jamis Jamis is an American company based in Northvale, N.

archive gt bikes

Its product lines include comfort, gt bikes archive country, road, trail mountainwomen's, and youth bikes. Klein Klein arfhive based in Waterloo, Wis. Klein bikes are only available domestically archiev a few independently owned bike shops in a limited number of states.

The company has been making bikes for more than 20 years. LeMond offers cross, road racing, track, and women's bikes. Its line of bikes includes BMX, comfort, hybrid, mountain, and road bikes. Gt bikes archive Raleigh, which has its mountain bike boston in Kent, Wash. Schwinn Schwinn gt bikes archive another Pacific Cycle brand. Schwinn offers an extensive line of bikes, including BMX, gt bikes archive, comfort, cruisers, mountain, and road models.

Specialized Specialized is based in Morgan Hill, Calif. It offers BMX, children's, mountain, road, street fitness, comfortand women's bikes. They are available at specialty bike shops and archie dealers. Trek The Trek Bicycles Corp. Its product line includes chidren's, mountain, road, urban, and women's bikes.

We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Become a Member. Camp ground crusader? Let the Splice be your guide! Honzo The Godfather of Bikse. Esatto Fast and comfortable endurance road bikes.

bikes archive gt

Part road bike, part mountain bike, part gt bikes archive grinder, and entirely badass. The all-new full carbon Libre is here. Break free with the new Libre. Make it your own with adjustable reach and chainstays, a gorgeous carbon frame, and the ability to run

News:Bikes · S-Works · Sagan Collection · Bike Archive. Shop By Model Shop By Category The world's most decorated and discerning riders choose Specialized.

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