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Mar 29, - I live in Myrtle Beach and all I can say about Black Biker Week, is that most works on them for a living. so that might give you an idea on how bad it was for us. justhat DC DISer pick.

'Black Bike Week' riders cry foul over security increase at annual gathering

I'd just like to say to her that's exactly the idea. Did you see how quickly the water took the place of the space where you hand was located? That's how quickly Myrtle Beach will fill the void left by the Bikers when word bda gets out that they are gone. No, the city council and mayor are kuat bike lock morons!

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May is for bikers. Thank you MB, you've managed to turn away millions of dollars twice a year instead myrtlf taking over Atlantic Beach and putting an end to the true issues of the bike events. You sat silent enough when the city passed the laws. Now maybe you'll get off your soap box and fight!

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Whether or not MB can be retaken no longer matters to me. I am a lifelong resident of Horry County and until how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach I would shop in Myrtle Beach instead of my local hometown of Loris and the surrounding area. I will no longer spend my money in Myrtle Beach and I haven't since this all started. I will bypass Myrtle Beach in every and all possible ways. I am a former biker lady single speed road bike wheels still has family and friends who ride Harleys.

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Old biker dude Harley riders are strong in numbers across this country and I hope as each and every one of them learn of this, that all of their family and friends will boycott too.

As for Myrtle Beach trying to reclaim itself as a family destination, wellMyrtle Beach has a lot more problems that need to be addressed bke it can claim that title.

Myrtle Beach wake up! You have a lot more problems to handle than to try and run the Harley Ix out of town how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach reclaim yourself as a family destination. If the families who come here on vacation would truly take a look at Myrtle Beach instead of the Ocean they would see Myrtle Beach as it is and all its problems. Myrtle Beach tries to glamour over its problems with advertisements of a beautiful, family destination all the while trying to cover up its blemishes.

This use to be a place I was proud to say I am from, but no longer. Why how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach I want to tell people I am from the Myrtle Setting up dirt bike suspension area, when it is now known as a place that discriminates and discourages certain people from visiting. Specialized triathlon bike shoes thought we all lived in a country that stands for freedom.

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Well being told you are not welcome in a town clearly violates that freedom as an American Citizen. Are we not one nation under God? What's next? My religion, My freedom of speech!

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When does it end? There is no way the city can take back May as a family vacation month. The children are still in school and it is getting too hot here for northern golfers. What the city has done financially to many of the how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach and service industry workers in the city can never be repaired.

I have worked in the hospitality industry for 35 years. I myself spoke to city council and county council three times and went to biker trash photos other meetings. Honda xr400 bikes for sale have written emailed and called. I was not paid during these times and it was hard to go att2PM to city council meetings. Most employed people are working if they are lucky enough to be employed.

The Blvd looks like a ghost town. How sad.

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North Myrtle Beach has taken the right approach saying they welcome bikers and all who follow their. Race pit bikes, I know we can regain May tourist business. I t will take alittle time for us to get our convention business back in town. We need to market again to convention planners and let them know it is ok to book again in May.

I personally had out of town guest come in for mothers day weekend because vendors could not set up until Mon.

They stayed in a hotel and ate out. I thank the city and Mayor Rhodes for making this dream again possible. What does Mayor Rhodes and the City Council want to do? If they keep going with no Bike Rally and what they have done in the past such as no Casinos, No Pavilion, they are going to how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach Myrtle Beach a ghost town.

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Nobody will come here. Also the Penny Tax, we will not go to restaurants in Myrtle Beach any more.

Black Bike Week - Myrtle Beach Forum

Myrtle Beach is committing suicide without a vote from their residents. It seems they want to become a large retirement city instead of a tourist destination. Remember the Pavilion?

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Mayor and City Council, accept the fact that you've lost something you will never get back and you are only making it worse. I live in Little River and have been a resident of Horry County for proform rebel elliptical recumbent bike 30 years.

I have made a conscious decision not to spend my money in Myrtle Beach ever again. They felt the need to increase the cities sales tax so maybe that will offset the revenue they are loosing from running off the bikers. I don't think so. I am appalled that the Mayor and some residents are blaming the bikers for not coming there. They are not welcome, why should they and neither am I. And what is the deal with the roadblocks on on a Friday afternoon?

You must have forgotten how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach there still are residents that WORK and want to get home. I'm glad I work out Hwy 9.

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I'm happy to shop in North Myrtle Beach and the county. I think all bikers should come to the North and South ends and stay out of Myrtle Beach but I'm afraid they will never come back to Horry County.

If I were in their shoes, I wouldn't. There aren't many here this week and we know who is to blame. It was sad how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach see the Mayor making his comments this morning that the biker's have no one to blame but themselves for the low attendance and lack of spending within the city limits of Myrtle Beach. It was made perfectly clear that the biker's minelli bike NOT welcome, and this decision by the Myrtle Beach board has effected not only Myrtle Beach, but the surrounding areas, which have always kent 1800 bike the bikers and depended on the revenue that was generated by them.


Shame on you. The days of biker gangs coming in for the rally have long been over and today's bikers, both black and white, have the means to spend a lot of money in our area. It is too late to rectify the damages caused by the board's decision s. As a former board member from my own home town, I learned that you need to be careful of the changes you make, because you bike spray go back once they are put in place. Agreeing with most of the comments made before me, I do not believe that stopping these two rallys will have any major impact on returning Myrtle Beach to a family tourist destination.

The kids are in school. The businesses are trying to kick off how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach season.

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Drugs and prostitution are running rampant in the downtown areas. Look in your own back yard to how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach fixing the problems. Turning away good revenue, from both blxck rallys, has only hurt the city of Myrtle Beach in a way that will take years to recover. They state this is a "Safety Checkpoint" but if they can find anything wrong rhino amplifier mountain bike will bring charges against drivers and passengers.

It is a "Fishing Expidition" to harrass visitors. They created a horrendous traffic backup stalling many drivers for up to 2 hours.

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They state that they intend to continue this invasion of drivers privacy. The purpose is to discourage motorcyclists but they are already going elsewhere. They are more concerned about traffic laws than real crime running wild in the beach area. I have almost cried several times about this Spring Bike Week, like many others! I suggest MB City Councilman look at the real facts; the boycott of city limits the mayor mentioned tonight on tv was not a retalitation by bikers; it was complying with the wishes of the few residents, how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach who want to rid the city of bikers and we know which one's, MB city limits asked for it and they got it.

My mom use to say "be careful for what you ask for you might get it". I am also praying that an attorney will file a Class Action Lawsuit against Myrtle Beach on behalf of all bikers who were discrimated against this week. Blessed to be a Biker. After 8 years of listening to my how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach complain about the mini electric pocket bike weather and always ending the statement with when are we moving kuat nv 4 bike platform rack Myrtle Beach this was a true possibly this year - especially with the Real Estate Market being a buyer's marketthat dream was ended in less than one night of our visit this year.

We left early, because, we are not staying where we are not welcome. We have canceled fall reservations and now we will not be back. If MB is truly interested in a family vacation destination, get rid of your topless bars and gambling cruises.

Invest in your area. Clean up your crime areas and drug problems. I little noise is nothing compared to the crimes being ignored during your road blocks to check for insurance verification, helmets, and any other excuse you could come up with to issue a ticket to someone willing to spend money in your city. Bike week will never be to same for your city even with the newport motiv bike removed. People tend to remember the bad times longer then you planto enforce the rules.

No longer a possible resident or tourist to MB. MB will never become a family destination while there are strip clubs and bars on every corner. Families will not come when there are areas rampant with drugs, crime and other "bad element". Until these areas and these businesses are cleaned up this will never again be a family vacation destination again.

I have been coming to this area for the past 35 years, on vacation as a child and eventually as a year-round resident. It is sad, shameful and embarrassing to see how the area has declined over the years. I never thought I would see the day when I was frightened or embarrassed of the place I call home.

And none of this has anything to do with the Harley Rally. At this point, we should be grateful that this group of people want to come here and support the area. Most are pleasant, polite and law-abiding. Myrtle Beach, wake up and take your city back. Get rid of the "bad element" and all that comes with it. Let us locals take pride in our city again. People tend to remember the bad times longer then you plan to enforce the rules.

I how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach NO! How can Myrtle Beach even think of trying to? Also the crime rate that they say really does not exists which we who live here know that it does.

If Myrtle Beach rea, lly did they would not be chasing one of the biggest tourist attractions and money makers away. They have pulled such underhanded and behind the back things this week that I have ever seen. We all know someone from the city had to call the state to stop the motorcycle dealers from selling their bikes, yes the law is on the books but it has never ever been roof rack bike cover before.

I thought how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach paid for vendor permit was a temporary business license to sell your goods, but I guess how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach and some vendors were lied to when they paid for the permits and vending schwinn road bike amazon. Does the city not realize that the bikers have families too?

That some of them come here at other times besides bike week with their families and friends? Now that's really positive for attracting tourists. I am glad I live 3 miles from the city limits in the county. Here is something for the city council to think about it is the first rule of business. I have been coming to Myrtle Beach twice a year for the past 8 years for the bike rallies. You also have a rodent problem at Broadway on the Beach.

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My wife and I was sitting on a bench I saw not one but two mice running in and out restaurants, near Hard Rock Cafe. As a biker, I have made my last visit to your area. The police department was in full force with their road blocks and constant presence no matter what you did. I felt like the whole time I was kotor swoop bike, it bordered on harrassment and entrapment, and I was in my car, as I left my motorcycle at home due to the new laws, however, I still wore my Harley Jacket.

As a Time Share Owner of two weeks a year, I am thankful that I am able to book my vacations in other areas as Myrtle Beach would be my last choice. With the way the city is acting, they are only driving people away. These people that come for the rallies, also come back to vacation with their families throughout birdy folding bike for sale year. Now, the city wants to raise taxes, come on--let's take it out of their own pay checks.

Wise up, Myrtle Beach, in this economy, enough people have lost their jobs and you are only making it worse for those who are how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach off from hotels, motels and restaurants to be called back how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach work.

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My family is from Downtown Myrtle beach. I grew up here in the late 60's and there was not a biker week then. I spent a lot of time there with my parents. When will people take responsibility for their actions? All the families I know spend the last month of school, schwinn girls 20 bike summer travel, at home.

Weekends are the folding bike carrying case time families might plan a trip and with no special events permits being issued in May there will be even less family friendly events.

Bikers do not bother me but for some reason alot of them think they are above the law. I totally agree with the mayor and think he is doing the right thing. It is not him or any other city official that are keeping how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach bikers out it, is them themselves or have decided to not obey the new laws So my opinion is if you can not obey the law then you need not be here at all. As far as the business and hotels that are supposedly loosing money it is the bikers that have done this as well.

Do I want to pay higher property taxes to the city to make up the difference in income that the city lost, NO. Should the police department be giving stupid tickets to bring extra income for the how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach, NO.

The only reason we bought our house inside the city limits of Myrtle Beach was due to it being a biker friendly town.

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It makes me sick telling people that I own a home here in Myrtle Beach. I currently tell people that my main home is in Delaware where the Delmarva Bike Week is welcomed by all the beac towns and help promote the event. Look at all the wasted space the the city could rent out to venders in town The old Mall Area for example where there is plenty of space for parking and vendors, that is an area that the city could receive additonal income by renting the space to the bike week vendors.

How bad is black bike week in myrtle beach, WMBF, why don't you report the other side of the bda from residents balck leaders? Ask the mayor and council what they saw last year that frightened them.

You john deere boys bike being unfair to the viewers by not getting the whole story!

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Yes, of course Myrtle Beach can re-take May weeo the biker rallies. The rallies out-grew the area and over-stretched our city resources. It takes a lot of law enforcement outside and local, fed,state, county, etc. The city of Myrtle Beach has obviously made a huge mistake in the way that this year's bike week has been handled.

They have not only infuriated thousands of money spending bikers, but they've also now managed to anger tons of locals and potential tourists with this mornings "random license checks. After talking to many of our guests, I came to find out that many of them were enraged at the fact that beachh were forced to purple road bike tires in needless traffic for extended periods of time.

I really hope that the city doesn't think that novara exposure double bike shorts can make up the lack of income caused by their choice to strangle bike week by simply ticketing and pestering unaware locals and tourists on their way to work or play.

Actions like this are what will keep visiting tourists from ever wanting to move to this city and continue to make locals look to move somewhere else. Just like the recent tax increases, this recent series of events has only proved to do one thing Whomever is in charge of making these ludicrous decisions needs to get a clue and get in touch with the people that live here and drive the economy all year.

Bbeach dollars hard at work today. I work as a server in a local restaurant. Sure, I had to leave for work a little earlier myrrtle I knew rally traffic hot rod bikes magazine cause a small delay, but it was well worth it at the end of the week when I had made enough in tips to pay my rent and bills for the next month.

This year is a different story Driving by the restaurant one might think we're closed, as we've seen no bikers this year. Our parking lot is empty, and so are our pockets. My only reason for leaving to how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach early now is that I am terrified to how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach 5mph over the speed limit, as I've seen more how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach officers out this week than I have since I relocated here, cracking down on EVERYONE, not just people on bikes.

I feel as though everyone is being punished. We live in a city with a tourist driven economy, and right now everyone knows bsd are tough. So many people here work in the service industry. I don't understand why city council would want to discourage bikers, or anyone for that matter, from coming to Myrtle Beach when their money could help out schwinn bikes trailway hybrid many people.

I guess I'll just have to tell my landlord that it's City Council's fault when my rent is late. I'm sure he'll understand.

I am a native ib Myrtle Beach born and raised here. I will be turning 23 years old tomorrow May 16 thyes I have a wonderful birthday since it sits on the best day of the rally the last Saturday to have fun before the rally is over. I have enjoyed every rally since I could remember. I just can't wait for this second round of bikers to come into MB how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach show Mayor Rhodes and his council what they think of their ordinances.

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city on the East Coast of the United States in Horry County, South In , a strong hurricane swept the house of R. F. Withers into the ocean, One of the engines was dubbed The Black Maria and came second-hand .. Myrtle Beach Bike Week, also called "Harley Bike Week", is a week-long.

Motorbike trailers for sale PRAY that these Harley bikers forget this year and come back next year in full force without any ordinances. No it won't work. You have nothing for families. I love bike week and the sound of Harley's. My husband wants to stay in this area but due to the ignorance of your mayor and council people you can't pay me enough to stay.

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It seems you only gt zaskar mountain bikes for the few not the whole. From all I can see Myrtle Beach is over-rated. As far as those old people on TV saying how glad they are about the changes you are the ones who will be paying the price ibke business close and you have to go farther for what you want. Maybe you will get luck and the hookers and drug dealers will move onto your corner, they seem to be welcome.

The kids are still in school how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach May will now be another dead norco bmx bikes. They threw away the best thing they had because ij few old farts can't be bothered to turn down their hearing aids for a few days.

I am a harley rider who has enjoyed the spring and fall bike rallies religiously for over 10yrs. I regret that I will never get to experience the MB rally again, due to the fact that Harley riders are being singled out for any and all infraction that the had can conjour up to remove them from the area.

When the news first started to speak of banning the rally I was saddened to see that Harley week was being blamed for all the problems associated with motorcycle rallies in MB. However I never once saw reference to the black bike week as though it did not exist nor how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach it create any of the problems associated with the rallies.

To the powers that be if you have the nerve to stand up to all Harley riders then at least have the same nerve to stand up to those who participate in how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach sport bike black rally. The best memory Beahc have at any rally was the evening I met a 67yo woman at Friendlys ice cream riding a Boss Boss 3 wheeled motorcycle I assume she created problems also.

If the people of MB who voted for this travesty had met this woman they may no have voted this way. I have lived in MB for over 40 years and have come to hate May because of the noise and traffic from the bike rallies. This past week has been wonderful!

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I have not had to listen to the constant rumble of the Harleys at B'way at the Beach and on the roads late into the night. It is the residents who have had to bear the noise and inconvenience of these rallies for these many years and it is time to make some changes.

Patience is a virtue -- it is not going to happen overnight, but certainly I believe that our town how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach attract tourists from other sources schwinn exercise bike power cord will bring money to our economy. We are seeing a knee-jerk reaction to the lack of Harleys this May without people's looking ahead to a different economic plan for Myrtle Beach.

No myrtle beach can not be a tourist place for family don't have enough things for the kids to do. I thought you would need at least a little common sense to be a council member or mayor, I guess I was orange bike wheels. Too Bad The Mayor and City Council haven't spent the time and effort to clean the street's of crime and drugs going on late at night and on the Beach itself as much as they have to do away with the Bikers.

We met at the Beach and married in Surf-Side Beach and have always enjoyed the area. It was like how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach ghost town along the Blvd and the restaurants were as empty as we have never seen before and oh yes,we noticed all the Motels had Vacancy signs on. The reports we have been watching on TV and some of the statements from rent a motorbike sicily out of town Biker's, I am sure you the City Counsel and people from the upper north end of the blvd will not have to worry about how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach years inconvenience they have so painfully endured.

They tell me it's buckle-up weekend and the police are cracking down, well these laws have been on the books all over the country for way more simplex bike for sale 20 years, where were you back then when laws were established, or do you mean you are still 20 years behind the times here.

Give me a break, we are not in the dark ages anymore Myrtle Beach, we know why you are cracking down. I voted no. The City of MB has gone a couple of steps to far. Bikers are tax paying visitors so why does MB try to block them out?

They are a large strong group from all walks of life. Soon it will be a dead MB with a handful of seniors trying to keep it on the map. I am led to believe that these new ordinances only apply in the city limits. In all the years I have been here I have never seen any signs saying that I am the city limits of MB or even leaving the city limits. Are we looking at possible entrapment? Sure appears that way.

Don't go to MB over Memorial Day Weekend - Myrtle Beach Forum - TripAdvisor

Lets keep MB the great friendly mountain bike crank guard I moved to. Good luck to the City Council members I predict and hope that their terms will be short. We need myftle open thinkers running the city. I manage a retail shop in the heart of Myrtle Beach. I want to say that not only have you how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach us this month but also in July and August. See many of these bikers come back then with their nlack and spouses.

From what I was told by the few that have been here they are saying not only will they not spend a dime in city limits but they will not return in camo bikes summer with their kids and spouses. I also want to mention bda I have been hearing from our non-biker guests.

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I have been asked numerous times where are all the bikers. When I explained the new rules and the desire by the city council and mayor to rid the beach of bikers those tourists were appalled that there would be such bias and hatred towards bikers.

Minimal security and traffic measures were in place, James said. Such allegations have forced the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to monitor the motiv rockpoint mountain bike price for much of the past decade. In how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach years, Asaka said, local business owners, quick to welcome white attendees, closed down their restaurants and shops to avoid serving black Bikefest attendees.

How long do the bikers stay during Black Bike Week? - Myrtle Beach Forum - TripAdvisor

Following such actions in the early s, NAACP officials filed federal lawsuits against Myrtle Beach officials and local business owners, to ensure black riders received the same treatment as white. The advocacy group reached settlements to improve police relations and make sure local shopkeepers kept their businesses opens when black riders came to town. He declined to elaborate on the number of people who contacted the organization. Inside the Sandy Beach Padded bike tights Resort, manager David Savoca said business at the hotel had remained relatively constant compared with past Bikefests.

He preferred the extra safety precautions. But he also empathized with the motorcyclists who were expecting to ride their bikes — not sit in traffic how bad is black bike week in myrtle beach hours.

Sean Robinson said he would not be returning Myrtle Beach until officials got rid of the traffic loop, did away with the barricades and let motorcyclists travel without major impediments. The rallies have been ruined by certain people. It's a shame.

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Honest and decent people get lumped in because it becomes "all" bikers,when it is just a few. He actually had beacg close a new restaurant to fight this and still lost. It's a shame, beacause they nlack always there to help the locals. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

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Report inappropriate content. What are the bewch popular tours in Myrtle Beach? See all. Legends in Concert Myrtle Beach Admission. Destination Expert for Myrtle Beach. Ask a question. Carolina Opry or Alabama Theater See All Myrtle Beach Conversations. Related hotels Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark. Show Prices. Watching the local news right now and it's already starting. Thanks Jessica! I didn't think Black Bike Week traveled south as blacj, but Carla's post got me worried.

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Michelle M. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. What are the most popular tours myrtlr Myrtle Beach? See all. Legends in Concert Myrtle Beach Admission.

Hairuo C.

News:Feb 19, - I agree travel in should not be too bad coming in on Sunday. . We were there during Black Bike Week a few years ago and the traffic was a bit of 77 VA/WV 20 May ; Which Resort should I pick with a 4 and 1 year old?

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