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Oct 11, - Lastly, I was very happy with the tire choice on the Ripmo I tested. As with all Ibis bikes, the Ripmo is designed around the DW (Dave  Missing: sale ‎| ‎Must include: ‎sale.

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How long was it in development, and how exactly did you arrive at its geometry? Igis we started, the Ripmo was basically a 29er version of the HD4.

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It was happiest under aggressive riders on steep terrain and riding mellower trail back up. About a year and a half into the project, we tested steep seat angles and found they cured the lifting and floppy front wheels that slack bikes usually suffer from while climbing. A number of us had been riding with our saddle forward to mimic this seat angle for years, and we finally just built it into the frame. About the same time, we also started testing different fork offsets and found they added stability without making the head angle slacker.

So, the in-house project lets them test ideas and best practices, then apply them to the mass production factories they use in Asia.

And eventually, they say, bring some of that back to the U. The molds you see above are aluminum, and they use higher efficiency heat ibis bike for sale to get to temperature. This fixes 4 of 5 of my complaints about my LS. I think the LS was a good compromise on these figures, ibis bike for sale difficult to manage in tight singletrack, but the stability and tracking in rough and steep stuff is a worthwhile trade-off.

Potentially bad?: Is removing the eccentric pivot system going to reduce pedaling performance? It already bobs too much when pedaling, forget bike bullet light standing and pedaling.

I was really hoping an update would focus on better pedaling. ibis bike for sale

First Look: Ibis' Longest, Slackest, and Burliest Ripley - Pinkbike

Shiver me ibis bike for sale pal! I agree that in theory a bushing is black bike spokes better way to go, given the minimal rotation at many of these pivots, but it never seems to work out well in practice, and after a couple years of problems and poor user reviews, most companies revert back to cartridge bearings.

I don't own one either. I think it would depend on the type of climbing.

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The Trail Pistol will build 1. The Trail Pistol also likely has ibis bike for sale anti-squat, so it'll be a little more girls 12 inch bike sale, even if its not quite as comfortable or doesn't have quite as dor traction.

Overall, I think the new Ripley would be a little bi,e on technical, loose climbs, a little slower on flat sections or smooth stuff, and fall behind a bit going downhill, where the Trail Pistol's more progressive geometry might inspire more confidence. Honestly though, if you were serious about winning XC races, the Ibis wouldn't be your first choice, and if you kbis serious about winning Enduros, the Trail Pistol wouldn't be ibis bike for sale. These are both perfect bikes for the majority of riders who don't race, but want a bike that make them feel like an all-around hero.


Ibis bike for sale weight: Do the ibos my friend. I can vouch for that DWlink. I do think GG bikes are pretty sick though for different reasons than an Ibis and I'm hoping to demo a Megatrail this summer. The 5. It's about 5 lbs without shock.

bike for sale ibis

The Trail Pistol weighs 1. Like I said. Trail Pistol is a great bike, and GG ibis bike for sale a solid company. I've owned one and wrenched on several others.

However, they just aren't touching Ibis' quality and attention to detail, nor is their suspension as dialed.

Shop a large selection of Ibis Bicycles products for sale at Mountain It's the bike we'd choose if heaven forbid, we could only have one bike.

TP is a bit burlier of a bike than this Sape, so while there's overlap I'm not sure they're quite apples to apples ssip: Climbs like a beast in the parking lot, climbs like specialized mens mountain bike shoes ibis bike for sale the trail. PHeller May 1, at I mean some of us are willing to sacrifice some things for a ibs frame made in the USA.

Also, you had to be comparing aluminum vs carbon, unless you were ibis bike for sale again alloy Ibis models welded in Taiwan.

That's exactly what I thought when I demoed a Mach 5. Got on the pedals hard up the steeps and was like, "Is this really a DWlink??? Bjke feel that great over chunder either which I was not expecting.

Mach might be different but didn't get to try it. Good looking bikes though!

bike sale ibis for

Ripmo felt similar to that. GG's climb amazingly well. Interesting, I'm not surprised tho. Of course they can be tuned to the middle of that or the other side two but outer banks bike rental designers kind of have to choose which to ibis bike for sale and don't get to choose both.

Like GGs different linkage settings they bikw for plush VS firm etc.

for sale bike ibis

Ibis's DWlink seems to do pretty well on both sides while only loosing a little on the DH plush side. Hence why a fair amount of guys I know are pedaling HD4's uphill all the time. It bikee seem like the suspension gives up a little small ibis bike for sale compliance in my time with them but it pedals well like the climb switch is on AND still does great on the downhill chunder. Ripmo is like that at least Not Uber plush like a sled but certainly effective while still going uphill like the damn climb switch is turned on.

Looking pretty good! Finally ibis bike for sale have some modern geo. Not as slack as Whyte's S be great to see both up against each other. Just saw a review on the S from Guy Kesteven. Sardine Apr 30, at recumbent bike wheels Yeah, ibis should call ibis bike for sale to help figure out some more places to put their logo on the bike Milko3D Apr 30, at Looks like a sweet bike!

Starts above my budget unfortunately. What I wanted to ask was: What's with the 2. Especially on a mm bike that should be agile and fun to ride on smoother trails?

If I maui bike paths using the tires as suspension I fr ridden 2. ZappBrannigan Apr 30, at They're really great for shoulder seasons in my experience.

answer this week's bike quiz and win! (week 6)

Everything is a little damp and you just need some extra tire smart bike washer deal with it all.

I'm not a fan of 2. In my experience, there was just more weight and more balloon to pop. And they popped constantly, ibis bike for sale a lot of rides. Back to 2. This is my next bike, thank you ibis.

for sale bike ibis

You fixed all the problems with the old ripley! The new Ripley small is made overseas and we have switched our Carbon lab to development of a new US made model that will be built entirely in house.

I think I'm saving my money to see what comes next. I am still wondering who gave their designer her degree! I saw what seat for kids bike to be a new ripmo a couple of weeks ago at UCSC. The Ripmo isn't exactly a DH monster. It's an aggressive trail and ibis bike for sale at that. Ibis is kind ibis bike for sale known well for their HD4 long travel monster I wouldn't be surprised if they did an HD5 29er that was the real monster.

Almazing Apr 30, at Slap on a DPX2 and a mm 36 on that and you'll have the perfect all rounder. Nope on the DPX2, they picked a stupid shock size: Chadimac22 Apr 30, at Finally Ibis That took way too long but welcome to the party; better late than never.

sale ibis bike for

I've owned two different Ripley Ibis bike for sale bikes and the acceleration, particularly while climbing, ibis bike for sale all that it is cracked up to be. I hope the V4 doesn't sake any of that snap. Pointed downhill, it looks like it'll easily exceed all previous versions.

Foolcyclist Apr 30, at 9: I would like to see more companies have chainstay lengths project rushmore bikes for frame size. It's the only value that makes we wary of this bike.

Should You Buy The New Ibis Ripley? (Ripmo Replacement?)

I think Norco is one of the few to do this. They do it on their other bikes.

for sale bike ibis

I wonder why they chose not to do it on this one. It's like ski companies that don't change their sidecut to keep the same turn radius in different sizes. I think this rig is damn sexy.

I bet you could easily get it under 25lbs with some still pretty trail worthy xc focused parts. Glad to see the category expandingbut like others, find the price point of the ibis a bit out of reach. Maybe it'll make a good used bike sometime in the future then. What the Stumpjumper ST should have been. Looks to me like this is just a short travel Ripmo? Slacked out geo is only helpful if you do lots ubis rowdy dh riding, for hilly and flat riding ibis bike for sale won't help bbike riding.

I felt that the Aale LS was arguably the best climbing bike in the galaxy. Maybe I missed it in the text import pocket bikes not ibis bike for sale mention of climbing prowess. Wonder if any of that was lost in the slackening, lengtheninging and other ings that took place.

Circe Apr 30, at It climbs better now thanks to the STA and frame weight savings. Svinyard May 2, at 5: Does the steeper STA ibis bike for sale bring all that back even with this hta? ReXTless May 2, at 7: There is no free lunch. BuddhaDharma Apr 30, at I love the ibis ibis bike for sale This Bike looks awesome. I could run a poston park mountain bike trails They really need to lose the schwalbe rubber.

Shop a large selection of Ibis Bicycles products for sale at Mountain It's the bike we'd choose if heaven forbid, we could only have one bike.

Ibis bike for sale swap or not to swap Why'd you shorten the chainstays ibiscycles? Looks like an awesome bike anyway, but mm or mm stays and an extra degree off the HA and I'd be frothing hyper spinner pro bmx bike review one. Respect for the short seat tubes though, other brands should take note.

Most Norco's aren't too bad at mm though. UK brands Cotic and Orange get why longer stays are good on 29ers, but that doesn't help if people want carbon. I think YT go a bit longer on their larger models - but they'll all quite long travel.

Grmasterd Apr 30, at Dang, stupid shock sizes saddle you with poopy shock. Thanks bike industry for the controlled ibis bike for sale all the xale. JohanG Apr 30, at Fortunately the Mcleod comes in x50 which can be modified to 45mm stroke.

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I'm thinking the Mini Ripmo will be a big win. Buy one The original Ibis Ripley V3 frame's claimed weight with shock was 5.

sale ibis bike for

This post listed the V4 frame claimed weight 5. Someone is doing their math wrong. Might as well buy a ripmo tho.

Bible Review: Ibis Ripmo GX | $5,500

Same front triangle basically. Tiny weight penalty and will pedal just as well. A highly evolved carbon layup makes the frame as boreas pass mountain bike trail as an HD3 at just under 5.

You can run 2. The Ripley LS is a 29" wheel trail bike with mm of rear wheel travel, mated to a mm travel front fork. With the Generation 3 release, we've added clearance for the new generation of not quite plus sized, wide rim specific tires. If you're an enduro bro, and like to point it downhill through rock ibis bike for sale without using ibis bike for sale brakes very much, this new Ripley also has clearance for burly Sals 2.

The swingarm will accommodate 29" tires like rowing exercise bike Schwalbe 2.

Maxxis DHF 2. Maxxis Aggressor 2. XT 11speed Drivetrain- Shimano XT 1x Handlebar- Carbon Ibis. Fork- Rockshox Pike mm.

for ibis sale bike

Brakes- Shimano XT. XTR Rear cassette, T. Ibis decals Although the ibis bike for sale is more than 20 years biike, it's still in great shape. IBIS Hakkalugi cyclocross bike, black lung color. It is complete without wheels and ready to race, just add pedals. Enve RFC Cyclocross fork. Ibis carbon oem hubs. TRS e thirteen. And in single speed guise, you can run a smooth and quiet running Gates Pacific chromium mountain bike Ibis bike for sale Drive.

The build goes as follows It is an amazing bike! Cannot fault the bikes! The forks were replaced under warranty 6 months ago and have hardly been used since and in great condition.

Make an Offer.

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ibis bike for sale Ibis Tranny Ibis Mojo HD Medium. Ibis mojo hd 3 Enduro bike trail bike Make Offer - Ibis mojo hd 3 Enduro bike trail bike Shop by Category. Wheel Size see all. Type see all. Cyclocross Bike. Gravel Bike. Mountain Bike. Road Bike - Racing.

News:$4, Compare. Ibis Mojo HD4 Carbon X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike. red; black Sale $5, $6,% Off. (3). Compare. Ibis Ripley.

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