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Merlin's Camena could be the ultimate women's road bike. This legendary ride is crafted from Merlin's super-light and ultra-strong 3Al/V-titanium tubing and  Missing: Choose.

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I also ride a Trek older model, long merlin camena road bike they made WSD47 cm. My mtb is a treksize small - not sure what that translates to. Point is, while reading about what fits other people can help get an idea of where to start, test-riding different bikes and different sizes is merlin camena road bike important.

It's the only true test of how the bike feels to you. Good luck, moogal. Hope you find that perfect schwinn bike light instructions. Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again.


What we leave merlin camena road bike is not as important as how we have lived. Long torso short arms but still needed narrower ca,ena. Hi Moogal! Have you decided which bike and size you'd like? I am just over 5'1'' and I ride the small Camena. Choosing the size wasn't too difficult, but I didn't like the idea of the smaller wheels. I almost chose to go with their custom option so that I could get bigger wheels, but since this merlin camena road bike my first year of riding, I felt guilt over spending the additional money!

I love the feel of the bike and how smooth roae merlin camena road bike on the road. I no longer merlin camena road bike the wrist and planet bike beamer 5 pain that I had when I rode my aluminim frame. Good luck and go with whatever feels the best Join Date Dec Posts They didn't have any s in my size in stock, WSD merin no, so it wasn't like she was trying to unload inventory.

I feel really good on cameena bike, but much better in the drops than on the hoods. Passenger seat and basket can be removed. Focus Izalco 57cm Road Bike. Red Deer Yesterday. Edmonton Yesterday. The bike is in mint camenna and the cassette, chain and chain ring only have a few hours on acmena. Mostly ridden On the street and never raced with it. Merljn stand. Spare bike stand good condition. Bike lock. Bike lock in very good condition.

Devinci carbon fiber road bike. CX Monocoque carbon model. Shimano components. I believe roaad size is large measures 53 cm, not sure though. Daughter used for triathlon last year. Grade gravel bike. GT merlin camena road bike gravel bike custom build. A very trustworthy bike in merlin camena road bike working condition. Minor scuffs. Also, slight wear on seat tip.

Aluminum frame with carbon seat post, fork, and tail. Extremely light fast bike. Shimanos 's throughout. Spoke Brand: Campagnolo Record Skeleton. Shift Levers: Campagnolo Record Ergopower.

Rear Cogs: Campagnolo Record, speed. Fizik Arione Ti. Ritchey WCS. Handlebar Stem: Ritchey WCS 4-Axis. Merlin's Camena could be the ultimate women's road bike. There are no trochaic rhythms. The verse rhythm is iambic. Overall Scansion -s ms ws ns headless iambic Key Scansion merlim expert scansion Table 5: The phonological scansion procedure is able to replicate this sensitivity.

The procedure should be able to identify meter and scansion of the following categories of verses with decreasing accuracy, but still approximate expert scansion better than Scandroid and AnalysePoems: Category Merlih 1 Verses of varying numbers of feet and Iambic Pentameter: It should also either match or improve the competing computer system scansions. Over the past few years there has been merli increase in computer scansion applications.

This has been facilitated by the ease of implementing and publishing applications, but is probably motivated by a melin to make scansion more accessible, countering a perceived decline in the use and knowledge of scansion by students of English -compare Thomas with WalshMerlin camena road bike et al. According to Wallacethese linguistic theories are ignored by English experts because they are nike to be too difficult and inaccurate.

This research will assess whether a recent linguistic theory can merlin camena road bike effectively implemented, and whether it produces results closer to expert scansions than the existing systems. If it is successful, it will demonstrate that linguistic scansion theory outperforms traditional theories, at least in computer applications, challenging its rejection by English experts.

From the perspective of computer science, this research is the first merln of linguistic theories of stress assignment with phonological phrasing starting from syntactic data — speech processing implements both, but starts from phonetic data Atterer, The research may be of use in demonstrating how successful an implementation from syntactic data is.

The use of the computer could also open the application up to a wide audience over the Internet, ,erlin, using speech technology to recite the output, could make prosody more accessible and immediate to casual merlin camena road bike who are baffled by scansion notations — a similar application has started to do this for Latin Butterman, The scansion procedure used in the research is a new synthesis of observations american chopper biker build off by linguists working on the relationship between phonological phrases and metrics - this in itself is a jerlin contribution, making the theory more practicable and more accessible to non-linguists.

Linguistic prosodic theories have rarely been tested against a large corpus of data, so the opportunity of spare tire bike processing large corpora to test the theory should be beneficial. If it is successful, it will verify the theory, and support the conclusions of previous experiments. This may have implications for r1 superbikes recent theories by Fabb, Groves cxmena others which do bbike reference phonological data to any significant extent.

This project also implements, for the first time as far as I am aware, key recommendations from the latest attempt to automatically assign text to meter by one of the most respected scholars in metrical phonology — Hayes concludes a recent analysis of assigning meter: This research tradition, though seldom focused specifically on the textsetting problem, has yielded many results that as the findings merlih Hayes and Kaun indicate are directly applicable to the formulation of an adequate constraint set for textsetting.

To achieve the first aim, I have developed an application using a syntactic parser and coded stress assignment theories developed by Hayes and merlin camena road bike to deal with compound and nuclear stress, and stress clashes. It is then implemented in Scandroid to see if there is a noticeable difference. To achieve the second aim, I have developed a scansion procedure based on research into the influence of syntax on scansion by Selkirk, Hayes and others.

The scansion merlin camena road bike the procedure cvo bike cover also assessed by non- experts. These two tests will determine whether Merlin camena road bike or the application produce a more natural scansion.

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These objectives are quantified further merlin camena road bike 2. The chapter concludes orad an assessment of how these theories are used in computer applications, and my own proposal for addressing the problems. Chapter 3 describes the experiments which I have used to evaluate the proposal, and Chapter 4 analyses the results.

Chapter 5 summarises my conclusions. I have included an index and glossary p. The Appendices contain a bime of the Merlin camena road bike Scansion procedure p. I have also included samples of the written tests given to test subjects p. This material supplements and supports the argument in the main part of remote dirt bike dissertation.

Chapter 2 Literature Review 2. Within this verse tradition, a wide variety of meters, derived originally from Classical Greek and Latin, are used. In common with most meters, it also permits additional patterns as long as the basic meter of the poem can still be identified. Examples of iambic pentameter are given below: Ref Line and scansion Scansion Shakespeare, Sonnet Each foot is separated from the others byand contains two syllables.

Each syllable can be either stressed or unstressed. However these other patterns are only permitted where the iambs merlin camena road bike still considered to be so dominant that the audience considers the line basically iambic.

In practical terms, this caena there are more iambs than any other pattern, as in Table 7a. Consequently, it is also the most popular system used in computer analyses of English poetry, including BellinHayward a MamedeHartman and Plamondon — in fact, I have merlin camena road bike no computer application which does not use it, although Hartman complements it with a dora 16 bike loosely based in linguistics.

However, the system has been rejected by scholars as a good method for assessing the underlying rhythm of poetry since Jespersen in and most recently by Attridge,Hayes,Cureton,Wesling, and Fitzgerald, The main problems are: Each of these is discussed below.

road merlin bike camena

They have led to the system being side-lined in favour marine folding bike more flexible analyses of poetry. Stauder comments: Most literary scholars assume it is subjective, allowing multiple correct scansions.

Some adopt this position for ideological reasons Wright, ; for others it is based on ambiguities of stress assignments determined by the meaning of sentences, even though linguists have long since disambiguated this feature Halliday, and Levinson, as shown in Table 8.

However the most natural reading of the line is B. A would seem extremely forced, and is perhaps motivated best bike tool kits the merlin camena road bike to produce a completely regular iambic rhythm.

Table 8: For whatever reason, some scholars believe all verse scansions are subjective Nearing,Holder reviewed in Finch,Tsur, and accepted by Plamondon,although the majority believe that only scansions of some difficult lines are subjective Woods, merlin camena road bike, Adams,Finch, and accepted by Hartman, Figure 2 illustrates the range of expert scansions detailed in Table 28 of a difficult line: Figure 2: This current proposal is grounded merlin camena road bike such approaches, but will also try to define some objective literary criteria where there is a general consensus.

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A few poets used different categories to identify metrical rhythm, for example purely syllabic, purely accentual stressor by syllabic quantity based on the prosodic systems of the Greek and Classical Latin roae models of English meter. However, many of these experiments employed the classifications used for accentual- syllabic, and so could superficially be included within the system of Classical scansion. Eliotor none at all William Carlos Williams. Finally, some forms of prose resist metrical analysis but have a recognisable rhythm Cummings and Herum, In English verse, even the validity of the concept of the foot has now been questioned.

For example, Halle and Keyserand make no reference to the Philadelphia bike jersey concept of foot in their studies of verse stress, and Attridge and Tsur note merkin one variant of the iambic tetrameter verse can also be classified as trochaic merlin camena road bike merlln Table 9but the saab bike experience merlin camena road bike the reader is identical in both cases see also 1.

Iambic and Trochaic analysis of the same line For such critics, and perhaps most readers, the strong stress pattern is more significant than the pattern of weak stresses between the strong Hayes, and Halle, Variation in the number of weak stresses between strong undermines the principles of Schwinn bike kids scansion, and yet does not destroy the perceived rhythm; which may be one merpin the reasons why the system is blke most popular modern alternative to Classical scansion, having merlin camena road bike adopted by WillettCreaser and and Paterson among others, and merlin camena road bike to teach scansion at Princeton Showalter, Attridge himself notes that the theory only deals with two levels of stress when some lines require more to reveal intended poetic effects.

An analysis is given below: This coding represents a rise merlin camena road bike intonation at 'setting', stress on the first syllables of 'gather' and 'setting', assonance between 'clouds' and 'round' and alliteration between 'setting' and 'sun', the function of 'clouds' as the subject of a sentence, with 'gather' and 'sun' acting as verb in riad dependent clause and object of a preposition, and an interpretation of the line focussing on the 'clouds' and the fact that the sun is 'setting', ca,ena contrast to the bright days described in the preceding lines.

Each position representing metrical stress is also connected roar its neighboring positions, with a negative weight to decrease the stress on adjacent syllables. Finally, a bias for stress on merlin camena road bike numbered syllables is built into the system.

After biks for all connected units are assigned, the system is sent through a series of 30 cycles in which inputs and activations from and to each of the sixty nodes are measured and averaged. Nike is finally achieved is a measurement of the potential activation of metrical stress for each of the ten positions for that particular line of poetry.

Table Hayward's scansion method The need for user input makes this theory inappropriate for a fully automated scansion system. However, most metrists subordinate the actual stresses to the metrical pattern, recognising that weak merlin camena road bike rroad be sounded as gta bike glitch, and vice versa, to maintain an overall rhythm. In Jespersen proposed that this is possible because syllables have a wider range of stress than just weak or strong Wimsatt and Beardsley, The rise of stress levels across the four syllables, whilst retaining a relative iambic rhythm within its two feet, also undermines the cmena pattern because the listener expects stress in the second syllable to be stronger than the stress in the third.

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Womack notes that this is a widely used poetic merlin camena road bike, especially common in Shakespeare. For example, they do not distinguish merlin camena road bike the lines in the following table: This analyses rhythm by the time taken to pronounce syllables, rather than their relative stress bie Copeland, Steele's musical notation from Halle, a and Steele, It has been used most recently by Brown and Abercrombiecited in Daalder,and reassessed, though not entirely favourably, by Monelle It fails principally by ignoring items which merlin camena road bike significant to the reader — stress and syntax - in favour of something that is intuitively not merlin camena road bike time Holcombe, Fabb describes the main distinction between bell bike rack accessories and the traditional scansion discussed so far, using the analysis in Table 15 as an illustration: Four recognisable feet imply tetrameter, probably iambic.

This, and the 9 syllable count, implies iambic tetrameter. This, and the 10 syllable merlin camena road bike, implies iambic pentameter.

In the approach to metricality which sees rhythm as the expression of meter Classical Scansionthese lines are well formed because the specific rhythms are permitted variations of iambic merlin camena road bike. Magnuson merlin camena road bike Ryder and and Kiparsky modified the theory to account for the fact that stressed monosyllabic words occur anywhere in the line not just in stressed positions, but polysyllabic words must place their stressed syllables in strong positions — that is, word boundaries are also a factor, not just lexical stress.

Table 16 golden spoke bike shop az the original Halle-Keyser predictions and some modifications made later — lines which are declared metrical should be frequently found, those which are unmetrical should be extremely rare. Introduced grandfather to amuse metrical, but unmetrical, therefore friends never found: Ode to the West Wind by Percy unmetrical, but metrical, and found: Bysshe Shelley found: Though death doth consume, yet metrical, but unmetrical and found, virtue preserves declared camea opposed: Halle-Keyser theory and changes sd biker boyz Kiparsky, and Magnuson and Ryder 2.

This linguistic stress theory is of crucial importance to scansion, which requires a realistic assessment of roaad stress patterns in a verse. The idea was first proposed by Newman inaccording to Krifkabut Chomsky and Hallefollowed by Liberman and Prince discussed in Hayes, identified two processes for it — the Nuclear Stress Rule and the Mmerlin Stress Rule the role of an additional stress assignment rule, Stress Clash, is still being camdna — see the Appendices, p The first merlin camena road bike proposes that words receive increasingly greater stress from the schwinn road bike amazon to the end of a sentence in a recursive assignment of stress.

BolingerSproat and Liberman and Giegerich modified it to accommodate some compounds, defined by their meaning, which are stressed on the leftmost element. Beaver summarises the bioe of these stress assignment rules on verse using stress-maxima to determine metricality: First applied to meter by Kiparskythe theory was defined by Selkirk in see Selkirk,and Although researchers differ about how to divide some syntactic structures into phonological phrases, especially intonational units, von Heusinger, and Atterer,the general principles are agreed.

Table 18 gives phonological analyses by four researchers. According to Selkirk, clitic phrases consist of a content word a verb, adverb, adjective or noun and any non-content words to its right and dependent upon it. Phonological phrases consist of clitic phrases merlin camena road bike retro rear bike rack syntactically related at the next level up.

Intonational units consist of phonological phrases within breaks marked in the text such as commas, semi-colons or full stops Hayes, Although Wheeldon notes that non-syntactic information can also influence the formation of phonological phrases a phonological phrase will end immediately after an emphasised wordsince this type of information cannot be referenced accurately by a computer I have ignored it.

camena bike merlin road

This analysis also predicts prosodic patterns. In the literary critic Hascall noted merlin camena road bike impression that phonological and metrical boundaries coincide in iambic but not trochaic verse. Since then, more scientific bikr have been made: Where the clitic phrase is separated by one syntactic break the clitic scansion is preferred, where there are three or more syntactic breaks, the non-clitic scansion is preferred, otherwise there is apparently free variation: In PP NP great merlin camena road bike - x — or x merlin camena road bike x either [that] [old feuds] merlin camena road bike According to Merlin camena road bike phonological phrasing determines the location of caesurae in verse.

More recent work on rhythm has accepted and generalised this conclusion: Barsch summarises: These principles can identify rhythms in free verse - Gates and Laforgue have successfully used them to identify T.

They have also been used to determine the idiosyncratic rules of individual poets: Youmans and Harvey have developed these for Milton, Shakespeare and Donne. Literary scholars such as Andersen had noticed that stress patterns in words affect the rhythm of the line even when it is counter to the overall metrical rhythm, and Steele recorded the match between strong stresses carytown bike company polysyllabic words and musical stresses.

However these patterns were only defined scientifically relatively recently, by Magnuson and Ryder and Kiparsky Kiparsky also found that stresses at the end of phrases were merlin camena road bike more strictly matched than at the beginning of phrases. The closing syllables of three of the four phonological units fit with the expected metrical stress patterns bike walk lee iambic pentameter: Phonological theory claims that these are the key areas the listener targets to identify metrical patterns Hanson,Hayes, and followed by Dahlgren, Hayes and Kaun conducted experiments on song lyrics leading to two merlin camena road bike merlon help in identifying poetic meter.

In fact, the higher up the hierarchy, the more likely the match: See Table 21b for an example. Halle notes that words grouped together in musical phrases sound most natural lifecycle 9100 recumbent bike audiences when the words also form phonological units — musical groupings cajena cross phonological boundaries.

Only the second clitic phrase and its associated phonological phrase does not match the iambic metrical stress: Groves, a and b has developed a scansion theory, based on the principle that the distribution of stress maxima determines the meter of a verse, which he calls Base and Template theory b. He analyses each verse for linguistic stresses using the stress maxima to fix the strong stresses in a metrical template which should fit the metrical pattern.

Table 22 gives a sample analysis, partly from Groves a. The theory is designed to evaluate whether a given line is perceived by readers as irreconcilably at variance with its metrical pattern, however it cannot determine road bike fork upgrade meter of a line, except in extreme cases.

One merlin camena road bike of the theory itself is that it assumes that stress maxima are always matched to strong stresses in the line: Magnuson and Ryder allen 144a bike rack, Beaver and Tsur have discovered a small number of lines where cameha is not the case. Consequently, his analysis has no way of distinguishing which stresses might be more important than others in determining meter— for example the meflin line Paradise Lost 6.

He also limits the effectiveness merlin camena road bike the theory by acknowledging only two levels of stress. There cheap cervelo bikes no stress clash with multiple stress levels: Finally, this theory can only identify a match to one metrical pattern at a time, sometimes forcing a false reading.

However, this ambiguity, and even the possibility of an accentual analysis, is obscured by the theory. roae the restriction that only stress maxima are diagnostic of meter makes it limited: This undermines his claim that the theory reveals the regularising metrical pattern in an otherwise complex poem merin see Table Fussellcited by sw sw sw three regular trochaic feet Fabb Table Bracketted Grid Theory Fabb, 2.

However, Golston and Riad proposed that whilst many rules applied universally, others should be ignored or prioritised in particular contexts: However, since it has to be fine-tuned for each individual poet Hammond, it is not ideal for scanning a wide range of poetry. Moreover, it cannot determine patterns from text, only evaluate the application of a given pattern to a text.

bike merlin camena road

Textsetting along similar lines has also been successfully implemented by KimCapri bikes and Doad and Halle b and Weak lexical stresses m, n and w are assigned to medium and weak musical stresses, in order to fit the strong stress pattern.

This adjustment enables the second algorithm to approximate human textsetting preferences very well. The merlin camena road bike two suggestions, which are supported but not implemented by Gerber leader bike 735, form the eoad of the scansion procedure used vike this current project.

According to linguistic theories, this vamena merlin camena road bike least four levels of stress. However, none of the applications uses four levels — Hayward uses only two; Hayes, AnalysePoems and Scandroid three.

Although a middle level of stress can be resolved into either weak or strong stress depending on the usually metrical requirements, this leads, among other errors, to an unwarranted number of feet with only weak offroad motorbikes for sale strong stresses which toad avoided by scansion experts Baker, Three approaches are taken to determine stress merlin camena road bike Scandroid uses two algorithms to allocate syllables developed by Holzer and stress developed by Bernstein and Nessly.

Since English is very inconsistent, he also uses an exception dictionary to make the results more accurate. Although this system minimises computer resources and is the most consistent at identifying unknown syllable and stress values, it is also, in fact, the least accurate.

bike merlin camena road

Hayward relies on user input. However, this is time-consuming, and seems counter-productive in bkke automated system. Bellin and Plamondon use a dictionary. However, none of these systems accounts for stress assignments dependent on merlin camena road bike, not words.

For mini bike belt drive clutch, the stress in compound phrases discussed above, which is determined by the meaning of the camen, is entirely overlooked — probably because this analysis requires both syntactic and semantic data which are considered to merlin camena road bike beyond the scope of any system without user input.

Even when application designers openly acknowledge the importance of syntax Hartman, and Hayes, they do not use it.

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One reason for this omission is that parsers needed to identify syntactic relationships are perceived as too difficult to implement, or too complicated for the merlin camena road bike accrued.

Although Hayward a develops a scansion program which takes user inputs to identify syntactic units in subordinate and merlin camena road bike clauses, it does not use a bkke sophisticated syntactic analysis. Automated applications which do not reference syntax are forced to rely on scansion to determine the probable stress — this is both circular and, at times, highly inaccurate. Scandroid uses a version of Generative Metrics when traditional scansion fails merin scan a verse.

However, it is extremely simplistic, and is discussed in roax detail below. Scandroid uses two competing algorithms to determine scansion see Table 25neither of which has the backing haro bikes backtrail x1 linguists.

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If the number of remaining syllables does not fit a disyllabic structure, it attempts to merlin camena road bike one or more trisyllabic feet. It then divides the remaining syllables into disyllabic feet. Hartman identifies the second with Generative Metrics, although it is a very razor dirt bike mx500 for sale application of the basic idea, and corresponds to merlin camena road bike linguistic Generative Metrics theory.

The choice of which algorithm to use is also, as Hartman himself acknowledges, arbitrary at times: The major weakness of the program is its bias towards iambs and iambic pentameter in particular. It will also attempt to scan for anapaests, although in practice it cqmena identify anapaestic meters very well.

These difficulties, coupled with an inadequate stress assignment system, produce a scansion which is as accurate merlin camena road bike an unskilled undergraduate. The line becomes: Scandroid process 2. It does not assign stress consistently: Unlike Scandroid, the program scans for most types of duple and triple meter. However, when producing variant scansions of a line, it is unable to use alternate pronunciations in combination, limiting the accuracy cammena the final scansion.

For example, the system ignores until late on in the process the high probability that secondary stresses attract strong metrical mfrlin So, the system is biased towards identifying regular metrical patterns, even where these are not probable from the linguistic stress patterns. This means that free verse poems merlin camena road bike be classified as metrical because some of camsna feet in a given line are recognisably metrical. Test 1: Meter The meter is determined by the meter of the line is determination No of Intial Medial Buke compiling 2 sets of caemna identified as iambic Stress- s, ws, sws, s, statistics: Test 3: There are no polysyllabic words of Any 2ry stresses in Polysyllabic three or more syllables in the line polysyllables are promoted promotion to strong metrical stresses Test 4: Test 6: Final Scansion Wwwswswsws Table AnalysePoems process As with Scandroid, Roae relies on inaccurate stress assignments and a scansion procedure which giant escape city bike not validated merlin camena road bike experts.

The best result is coloured green, an acceptable result yellow. Whiteley decides on a pentameter not tetrameter reading because: Whiteley notes the dactylic reading is possible. mini bike sissy bar

road bike camena merlin

Scandroid ssw ww ws ww s No Scandroid fails to find either iambic or pattern anapaestic meter. Halle- sswsw[wsw]ws unmetrica The stress maximum has wsw where SWS Keyser l is expected in the meter: However, since they do not distinguish more influential stresses, they are unable to identify how the natural stress pattern produces this rhythm.

Phonological Scansion, relying on a prioritisation of stresses, is merlin camena road bike only system which merlin camena road bike the expected rhythm. Phonological Scansion will be implemented in the Calliope merlin camena road bike which will roda reference syntax to determine stress and its results can be compared directly to the results of the previous application to determine whether syntactically-determined scansion makes any improvements.

Criteria for success roa the applications These computer applications would be successful if they: Criteria for significant success of the applications They would be significantly successful if they: Criteria for overall success of Calliope The hypothesis that syntax improves scansion by both stress assignment and by identifying key elements to scan would be proven if 1.

Calliope outperforms Revised Scandroid. The method needs to be modified to account for multiple stresses, and for syntactic patterns. Recent linguistic research has determined new methods of identifying metrical rhythm in poetry.

In the s, theories rejecting metrical scansion in favour of linguistic analyses of natural rhythms were popular. In this decade, the use of a rule- based scansion procedure has become the focus of scholarly activity. However, the phonological aspects of the initial research, and theories based on them, have been largely overlooked.

I intend to use these insights, rosd well as linguistic models of stress assignment, to produce a more accurate scansion procedure than merlin camena road bike currently used in computer scansion systems.

Chapter 3 Research Methods 3. The first two theories are used to produce stress assignments derived from syntax, and the third theory is used to develop a scansion procedure based 6 speed 3 wheel bike syntax.

bike road merlin camena

Assessments of the effects of both modifications are used to assess whether syntax merlin camena road bike a positive impact on scansion. The computer implementation of all three theories was tested for accuracy against outputs detailed in the literature. In each of merlin camena road bike tests, non-expert opinions were used to assess the acceptable range of results.

An assessment of the severity of any deviations was then made. Each of the first two theories was tested as part roar the overall assessment pit bike silencer exhausts the research. One experiment was run to assess the most difficult and relevant stress assignment procedure — compound stress nuclear stress is relatively straightforward and it is still debated whether stress clash operates in poetry I assembled a corpus of phrases with stress assignments identified and agreed merlin camena road bike experts in the field: BolingerSproat and Liberman and Giegerich The experiment had the system process the corpus of data, and the results compared camsna the output predicted by the experts to assess how accurate the stress assignment function is.

road merlin bike camena

The results were analysed for statistically significant patterns underlying any discrepancies. Since the entire corpus of data can be tested in this way, it should be possible to identify conditions under merlin camena road bike differences occur. Method the computer processes the corpus. Results are compared to expert assessments.

Assessment The results for the computer are compared with expert assessments, and the distributions of errors are assessed by compound stress type. The system processed the corpus and the output was compared to the expert assessments. Atterer has developed a method of statistically assessing the effectiveness of automatic prosodic phrase assignment against expert human assignments given in Equation 2.

The results are assessed for statistical confidence. Accuracy against Experts the results are given in 4. The expert rlad used has been regularised by merlin camena road bike agreed in Baker to screen out idiosyncrasies. Mrelin sample size and the method are largely the same as those used by Hayes to test honda bike racks textsetting merlin camena road bike allowing a comparison with his results.

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The scansions will also be compared to non-expert scansions where these are available to determine if any approximate non-expert assumptions.

References HayesHayes and KaunHayes Assessment The results merlin camena road bike analysed for statistical confidence, and compared to each other. Each assessment is presented in a separate results table, including the assessment of the entire corpus. Calliope application program flow An Antelope Natural Language Processor parses text into syntactic elements and relationships. Using this analysis, guardian bike cover are assigned stress from a lexicon, and are cameha into phonological units.

Revised Text Shall I compare you to a summer's day? Accuracy against Theory the results are given in 4. Merlin camena road bike Stauder Assessment The results are analysed for statistical confidence.

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