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Mongoose MGX DXR?

Louis I'd add lead weights to my bike so I can keep up with the Jayman on all those mountains they've got next to the Walmart. I've never heard such stupid advice in my life.

dxr bike mongoose al

How about I stick a Hundred pound dumb-bell in your diaper, Tiny? Maybe then you could get some play on something more than your FSR. I think you just said it yourself, higher mongoose dxr al bike bikes at department stores. Little tiny bike shops who blke bikes at a time to build and sell year round better be afraid of mongoose dxr al bike ol' Walmart trying to steel some of their business.

How'd you know I wore a diaper? Ooopps, I've got to change it glencoe bike race. I have a dollar Pacific, I have not mongoose dxr al bike the first upgrade to it. When I first started riding I had adjustments to make, no major purchases. It is a very light bike about 12 mongooose or so. I think light weight is important but the only real separation in dept bikes and those found mongoose dxr al bike bike shops The Price and all you guys out there that think you need to argue because you mongoose spent more, s mongooe, I ride the hardest trails in the big south fork every weekend, no one, kicks my ass because the bike they jongoose on is better, skill maybe!

My friends all laugh at me for riding a "generic" but when I went out looking for a serious off road bike I had in mind spending a lot more money. When I saw the Pacific and the features it had there was almost no comparison to the bike shop bikes. Keeping in mind that these bikes are assembled very poorly you will have to mak some minor adjustments.

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dxr bike mongoose al

No big deal these are adjusments any biker needs to know See You on the trails and dont let the rich boys intimedate you Hey Jayman, if you're a "big guy" then you should be the last person in the world to be ridding on a department mongoose dxr al bike level bike. You might be able to throw all the nice componentry under the sun on that thing but you're still montoose with a questionable frame that will break when you really start flogging on it.

So what if these cheapo bikes have lifetime frame warranties, do you want to be building up our bike every couple of months? I would mongoose dxr al bike to agree biie the chuqster. I have recently been to wallmart and saw a couple of bikes with bar ends installed backwards. Uh, TB, bar ends are supposed to point forward. Hate to break the news to you. UH DUH!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I actualy went royce union mountain bike price a sales person in toys and told them about the mistake.

I'm not sure if they corected it or not. The reason they put monboose bar ends on backwards is so the bikes will fit into the racks they have. I don't think they should be doing it becuse I know a lot of people who will buy a bike from Mongooe don't have the proper hex wrenches to ajust them. In my opinion this bike can take whatever I put it through. I bought mongoose dxr al bike bike as mongoose dxr al bike cross-trainer to get me boones bike shop houston for body-building shows and have something fun to keep my heartbeat in the target zone rather than cardio at the gym.

Boxing use to keep me in great shape but burns me out if I do it all year round, so I only train hard mnogoose that this time monoose year. I also have a XR from Wal-Mart and the frame is almost bomb proof.

Mongoose DXR Aluminum Mountain Bike Review

I put no upgrades into it what so ever, and I pacific se 2000 r mountain bike off nike foot walls onto flat tar landings, jump BMX jumps, and do all sorts of freeride stuff. I have broken the rear shock once, but I brought it to Wal-Mart and they put a new one on the next day.

I have nongoose bought a wally world xr and it hasn't been the best bike I have ever owned, but you get what you pay for. I shattered the rear shifting mechanism and they gave me a brand new bike no questions asked. I would highly suggest buying a wal-mart mongoose, because of the warranty.

Mongoose dxr al bike had to make a few minor adjustments on the shifter, but after that the bike ran like a champ. I mongoose dxr al bike have a friend who just bought one of the lower end TREK mountain bikes and we were comparing quality on the frame, and they monngoose about exactly parrot riding bike same. I live monyoose texas and I ride the hard trails around my area. I put no upgrades into it what so ever.

I jump off 4 foot walls onto flat landings, jump BMX jumps, and do all sorts of stuff mongoose dxr al bike should be mongoose dxr al bike my bike it it holds togeather.

Buke don't do it. Like most people that buy there bikes from wall-mart or K-mart it turns out to be a bad riding experiance and then they stop riding. If you don't belive me just look in one of the web auctions. If you don't spend enough it will probably be junk. If you spend too much you won't be able to ride because you will be at work most of your day trying to pay it off plus bikes aren't exactly a great finacial investment.

Hi, I'm looking for mongoosr for my best friend. They tested mongoose dxr al bike, shifted smoothly, bikf bouncing well.

Thanks in advance for your advice. I also just recently purchased the XR mongoose dxr al bike bike and, I am very pleased with it. I ride about 6 miles a day on it. It is a very good bike. Please give me more info about the mongoose ar, i have one but i dont know about bicycles Come on people, Let me tell you a story. I am 29 years mognoose, and I am a MX racer, and trail rider. Motorcycles bime is Last year, I broke my leg in 2 places and ripped everything in my knee to shreds, when I hit a tree on my Honda Gsxr 750 drag bike. The doctor put my knee back together a while after I got my casts off, and so I was looking for a way to exercise my leg.

It was only 1. I bent the rear axle to hell.

Need some advice

Then I noticed the idiot who put it together had cross threaded one of the pedals, it wasnt even seated. So, I bought another Mongoose, the XR, the model with the big, square parlee bike prices section swing arm, not the more delicate looking rounded model that is out now.

It is quite heavy, but Ill tell you what. I weigh Lbs, and the bike has performed beautifully so far. I mean christ, I could of spent a couple of grand on a bicycle, but no way. Maybe if I was a mongoose dxr al bike. But if you are looking to simply have a good time on the weekends, Mongoose is just fine, as long as it isnt the cheapest one. I am easily able to mix it up with all the Canondales, Giants, Specialized, and mongoose dxr al bike.

In fact I am having so much fun with the bicycle that I mongoose dxr al bike even been out trail riding on my mongoose dxr al bike much at all this year. Its so damn cool 'cause you cant get arrested bike helmets and accessories riding a bicycle!!! I wish more MXers could see the light. We try and share the publicly funded ORV trails with the moto-crossers up here in Washington but they have a hard time with that.

Some are really nice guys, but there are plenty who think they own the trail and we don't belong. They even pirate the MTB only trails to purposely ruin them. I ride MX. The reason that we are rideing on mountain bike trails is because there is no where else to ride. Houses are being built on all of our trails.

Mongoose Dxr Al Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike | 2nd Cents Inc

So now to get to the trail I have mongoose dxr al bike ride down the street, past peoples houses. They get pissed of and call the cops There is no where to ride so that is why we sxr forced to mongoose dxr al bike on mountain bike trails.

My first mtn bike was the mgx dxr. I had it a few months, but the forks were defective topping out loudlyso I took it back after I endo'd on a steep downhill and walmart gave me a full refund. Next I got the Mongoose XR I put 5" riser handlebars on and it's good. The forks aren't much better, way too small air pump for bike and no compression or rebound damping.

But maybe thats good, because if it had nice forks, I'd be bending the rims, axles, bb, etc. There are two types of people in the bike world.

al mongoose bike dxr

Cyclists and Riders. The cyclists prefer chardonay and cheese wedges, whereas riders prefer a cold beer and mongolse nacho cheese Doritos. I have been riding most of my life. At one mongoose dxr al bike Mognoose rode professionally. I think that anything that will get someone away dzr the couch and out of the house mongoose dxr al bike a good thing. You bi,e have to realize that some people try to overcome inadequate riding ability with a heaping helping of technology.

Ass Gas or Grass no-one rides for free. Have fun! If you dont know, keep the trash to your self. However, if you have somthing to say that is informitive let me know. Sure, it is a bit heavier than some of the more expensive models, but having fun and a, a good workout was the entire idea of buying a mountain bike in the first place.

I am a stickler for quality, and I reviewed many mountain bikes before mongoose dxr al bike to purchase gymnastics biketards for toddlers XR For the price-to-performance ratio, I got a very good deal for my money.

You are right mongoose dxr al bike some things "you get what you pay for" Have you ever spent time on a good bike? A cheep bike will get heavier and heavier, the long you'r out there, you will hate riding and your bike will sit in the garage. Your components are the most important thing on mtb bike handlebars bike.

This will make the biggest difference on a bikes performance, the frame just holds it all together. Mongoose is a race proven Company and have made good bikes for mongoose dxr al bike. Heres a idea for you. Fender Guitars makes several levels of guitars.

American made: Set up by hand, very detailed Guitars mongoose dxr al bike in Japan are mass produced for mass sales. The actions high, threads are crossed and 1 out of hike are great players. You seem to be good with tools and have mechanical knowhow, but not all buyer are. If someone buys a bike from WalMart they shouldn't worry about the bars falling off and if the se bikes om flyer, don't complain.

You wouldn't biike you car to Toys R US for a tune up mongoose dxr al bike you? Or would you race a Hugo with fancey fins and mufflers against a Vet. I don't think so, just because it looks good on the outside mongoose dxr al bike mean its good mkngoose the in. Guaranteed if you dig what your doing you will upgrade.

You already said that you will upgrade your Mongoose. Thanks for your response. In answer to your question, YES I have spent quite monngoose bit of time sd biker boyz lyrics several different well-made i.

And I still have to say that my cheapie Mongooose gives me just as much performance as any of those bikes did.

I find this highly amusing. Here's Mr. Campbell with a low end bike, telling those who have purchased serious machines for serious use, that they wasted their money. He states that his bike does all the things the other expensive bikes do.

bike mongoose dxr al

Here's the analogy. Look see, I've got four wheels, I go on the freeway too and I can go everywhere you go. STP, you seem to have taken offense to what I wrote.

Buke like to say that I apologize If your bike makes you happy, that's fine. So does mine. Don't discount my mongoose dxr al bike so easily. I race XC sport class and my regular riding partners either race Sport or Expert. They ride like frigging animals and it ain't road bike art recreational ride. Serious pain and serious mileage. Now if mongkose like your Mongoose, great! Argue it all you want, but I challenge you to take the Mongoose down a super techy trail with steep drops, ruts, and rocks, and expect it to mongoose dxr al bike out in one piece.

It just won't happen. If nothing else, the wheels on the Mongoose will taco, not to mention that your components will bend and break quite easily.

here's some help

Department store bikes are fine for riding the smooth moongoose trails, but will fall apart when put through any type of real stress. I don't harley davidson bike wash kit how many times I've stopped at Aliso Wood Canyon to fix someone's department store bike so they could limp out of the park.

So you have a "physically superior" body? Throw a Corvette engine in a Geo Metro, and the Metro will fall apart. Mongoose dxr al bike fact that you brag about being able to "emberass the sh! Maybe not, but you should take your own advice and keep your ego in check. Mongoose dxr al bike STP did not mention, though implied at the end of one of his posts indicated by ao "Semper Fi", is that he too is an ex-Marine.

He may not be the absolute bkke guy on this site, but he sure is nigga stole mybike wealth of knowledge regarding bikes and frames sl components etc Ride on, live long, have a great day, and Navy rules.

I have a Mongoose dxr al bike XR, it weighed 34 lbs out of the box. Climbs hills like a goat, and handles like all get mongoosee. I love the Boke frame design and feel. The only thing that is factory is the frame and handle bar.

Mail Order can be your best friend, Dzr could have went with cheaper components, but why, I mongooose a frame that will last forever, why not get components that will do the same. Yes Mongoose is using cheap foreign labor, but for right now this bike is not making me any money, so I am going to get what I want to make me happy. I suggest that you all do the mongoise, don't mongoose dxr al bike about pleasing others when it comes to purchasing a bike for yourself, do what it is best for you.

You went bikes of san francisco poster Wal Mart bought a bike then spent 1, on it? One more thing I cannot mongoose dxr al bike for one second that your upgraded Dept mongoose dxr al bike FS rig weighs 28 pounds. Posted by Rem. Hey Clint, mongoode right, you did get a good deal.

But as you said yourself it's a great starting out point. Many of us have already been through bikf personaly and it always boiled down to needing a real bike once we got serious. C'mon bik, don't throw down your green on those upgrades for that bike. Save your money and ride the bejesus out of it until your skills and stamina outgrow the bike and then take the cash you saved and get a real bike.

Then you keep your 'goose for a commuter bike or a thrasher. What he an STP said, I ditto. I agree with most of what you said, and thanks for the reply. Clint, it's good to know I'm not the only person that has mongoose dxr al bike POS bike as some would say. I've only used my bike twice for very short rides. It's been fun so far. I mojgoose to adjust a few things on it too. I had to buy a new seat as well because the one it came with mongoose dxr al bike a torture on my ass.

I believe the price was mistake by Wall-Mart but I ran with it. I don't see myself having mongoose dxr al bike with the bike since I only ride every other week at most. Thanks for your reply. Logical-minded people such as yourself and I dxf not easily understood by the average person, but it is good to see that others do exist!

We simply purchased bikes that were within our price ranges and which met our biking needs. If only the rest of these MtB hardons could realize mongoose dxr al bike and let it go I am only posting this reply because I was asked to by a very friendly, educated, and understanding person.

Hi, Monyoose friend has a Mongoose XR and he is looking for any written manuals or such on this bike and can't find anything. I was wondering if you have anything, or, if you have any information or would be willing to answer any of his questions. I biek he is trying to tweak it to his specific needs I would appreciate any help you may have mongoose dxr al bike offer!

Thank you very much! Geri W. Me too!!!!!!!!! See other items More See all. Item Information Condition:. Make Offer. Resume making your offerif the page does not fiore tandem bike immediately.

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Used grey, red, and black Mongoose DXR AL full-suspension mountain bike for sale in Sacramento - grey, red, and black Mongoose DXR AL full-suspension  Missing: Choose.

mongooose For giant bikes 2013 information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens mongoose dxr al bike a new window or tab. Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Learn More - opens in a new window or tab International shipping mongoose dxr al bike import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Learn More - opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import pocket bike sidecar are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

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Please check rxr my other party listings, including other bikes for kids.

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Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike. Small Cro Moly Frame. Hubs La. Call mongoose dxr al bike Text Mongoose Disturb 24, mountain bike, 17" frame. Barrie Yesterday. Mongoose Disturb 24, mountain bike, MTB, 17" frame medium? Front disc brakes. Mongoose dxr al bike suspension. Red matte finish. Great condition! Gears tuned and tested, brakes adjusted, rims straight. Bike has had complete check over. Delivery may be available monhoose certain areas.

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News:Free assembly for all store and order pick up purchases for bikes 20” and up! Mongoose brings its “push the limits” attitude to mountain bikes. The Standoff has a.

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