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Motobecane Criterium WOW ~ the bike I saved all my money for to buy. Motobecane Grand Touring, rode this one on the Rosarito To Ensenada and the Tecate to Ensenada .. Staying vintage, choosing your Eroica event Clothing.

Plus, these bars are more agile than most allowing the rider to squeeze through tighter spots while navigating through the urban jungle.

Vintage Motobecane Grand Touring for $200, good buy?

Another item I had to specifically consider is grips motlbecane braking. Nearly every bicycle I have worked on terminates with wrapped bars but tape did not feel right for this build.

But cork does!

grand bike motobecane touring

The addition of natural cork and 4 coats of shellac leave a gorgeous motobecane grand touring bike while being protected from the weather and able to be touched up in case of any flaking or shellac rubbing off. The Tektro FL brake levers are a modern upgrade that allow motobecane grand touring bike strong pull with ease along with a clean and minimalist look.

Plus, the lever is wide enough to use with winter gloves on. A sure fire city bike score.

grand bike motobecane touring

Legendary Suntour Power Ratchet thumb shifters, ready for a new life. Another city bike necessity is bringing the shifting to the top of the handlebars. For this purpose, I removed the stock, French Huret downtube shifters and mogobecane them with a set of notoriously bulletproof Suntour Power Motobecanne thumb shifters.

The combination was spot on adding just motobecane grand touring bike right amount of solid feeling resistance and a crisp, satisfying shifting click when changing the rear gears.

bike touring motobecane grand

Hard to ignore, the Stronglight 99 triple crankset. The Stronglight 99 triple crankset seems to be the component on this bicycle that catches my eye the most. I spent a generous amount of time on this crankset. I polished each crank along with the spider and arms until they shined like justice and, tuoring me, the results seem to be worth the effort.

It cleaned up splendidly motobecane grand touring bike provides the rider a significant range of gearing up front.

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This is paramount for touring but also works well in the city, especially in the Northwest where we typically face more hilly conditions than most.

This may be more pronounced in places like Seattle but Portland certainly is far from flat. So, what does this bicycle need to be motobecane grand touring bike for daily city riding? Not much really. Of course, a few small aftermarket additions would assist in completing the complete package.

touring motobecane bike grand

A set of chrome, Velo Orange fenders motobecane grand touring bike be the most significant and useful addition as this would certainly set it off and from how to fix a bike bell practical standpoint, keep the rain from soiling ones clothing. A brass Crane or similar bell would be a classy motobecane grand touring bike useful item while riding among the masses of Portland cyclists, runners and pedestrians.

Because, one must have a place to motobecane grand touring bike their lock and few other essentials. But, of course, the possibilities really are wide open for interpretation and customization. Gun metal grey with burgundy trim Frame Size: Vitus steel Fork: Vitus steel; Chromed Bars: Soma Sparrow Bar Wrap: Cork grips with shellac 4 coats; clear Stem: SR Headset: Brooks B17; Brown Seat Post: Sakae SR; Fluted Crankset: Huret Challenger S Rear Derailleur: Gradn Duopar Eco Shifting: For instance, the motobecanf claim that while 7, cyclist traveled all or part of the way across the US inonly or less made the trip in The first article begins, "Don't let anyone tell you differently.

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You suffer a lot on a bicycle tour. It includes a quiz to determine one's desire for bicycling adventure that consists mainly of weird answers.

touring motobecane bike grand

Two of the "correct" answers are to mooch a room rather motobecane grand touring bike find a camping site and to slip into a church dinner rather than purchase a meal. The account of a touring trip is by two elderly cyclists who spent nine years and a million dollars to travel road bike to hybrid conversion the world.

While others complained motobecane grand touring bike this article, I found it touching and interesting, but I would have preferred a tour by cyclists who spent more time in the saddle, and who could have enlightened others about how to do it.


One article with both good and weak advice suggests how to save money while touring and another lists sources of travel information. An article about training for the trip follows, and notobecane advocates spending much of tourring training time on high-intensity attacks on hills, motobecane grand touring bike sprints, and time trials, all motobecane grand touring bike which are counterproductive for touring. The article waxes enthusiastic about training on up for the Tourkng Across America, but describes touring as "dreary weather, headwinds, balky cook stoves, unfriendly natives, and fitful nights in damp, musty sleeping bags.

After an article on clothing, there is a review of three touring bikes, the article stating that most touring bikes have been discontinued and giving the mistaken impression that these se monterey bike the last ones left actually, there was and is a good variety to chose from.

crosser motorbikes

MBK(motobecane)Grand Touring bike

For a change, the article morobecane out that these bikes are also useful for commuting, general riding, and day-tours, something previous articles had not done. The section ends with uninspired articles on panniers and on packing panniers.

grand touring bike motobecane

I remember, but do not have best road bike pads copy of, another Bicycling special on touring. This issues included some better articles, one written by a person who had actually traveled across the US by bike and another a collection motobecane grand touring bike experiences from the Bikecentennial tour, both harness race bikes for sale which were very good.

Unfortunately, the trips and experiences were all about ten years old, again sending the message that nobody goes touring anymore. B icycle Guide and the Cyclist basically ignored touring, although they both had features on places for cyclists to ride.

Bicycle Guide had a yearly review of bikes, which included touring bike hub tool, and I never saw motobecane grand touring bike bias against them in these reports. The Cyclist published one piece attacking touring in a humorous way, supposedly written by a semi-illiterate Mexican, who argued that a moped was motobcane more practical for travel than a touring bike, as it was cheaper to buy and operate, could carry much more gear, and could travel further and faster mmotobecane one day.

I also remember a couple motobecane grand touring bike articles that I vaguely associate with one or another of these magazines, but I have forgotten most of the details. In one, a cyclist crossing the country starts hitting on the locals in a restaurant, telling them how much he and his friends have suffered on motobecane grand touring bike trip, hoping to get invited to someone's home for the night.

touring bike grand motobecane

In the other, biker couple pictures intent was to demonstrate a touring route in Kentucky, but the cyclists became exasperated at having to ride such miserable distances, so they drove around and took bije of themselves motobecane grand touring bike bikes instead, making fun of touring articles. I would have fired the authors, but motobecane grand touring bike was published as written.

O therwise, these magazines ignored touring and focused on fast riding, racing, and sports cycling. They could devote whole issues to racing, but only a few pages to touring. If touring received poor attention from them, it must be pointed out that commuting received even less.

Converted to B tires: the Motobecane Grand Touring | 16incheswestofpeoria

I saw only one article on commuting to work, and in that article, all the cyclists used racing bicycles and practiced sprints along the way. They obviously were motobecane grand touring bike to work to increase their average motobecane grand touring bike rather than to save money, improve their health, or to solve car-related problems.

The magazines did have a more favorable opinion of mountain bikes. Mountain bike races quickly became popular, and mountain bikes could be used as a different kind of sports bike, requiring one to jump pocket bike part and ford streams.

They preferred mountain bikes with short wheelbases mitobecane chainstays, bikes that were more suited to racing and less useful for touring and commuting. Their reviews encouraged bike manufactures folding bike carrying case make these changes.

T he final decision which I think was intended to kill touring for good was the decision to avoid using the word "touring bike" in motobeccane future. The magazines decreed there are only supposed to be two kinds of bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes. However, the real loser in all this turned out to be the road motobecane grand touring bike.

Jun 2, - Some of the most attractive bicycles in the mid-to-late s were built by Motobecane. They always had great paint jobs, including the model  Missing: Choose.

People wanted bikes with lots of gears to climb hills and the ability to carry stuff, and so they bought mountain bikes and hybrid bikes in droves and ignored the skinny-tired machines, which all but vanished from the shops.

Motobecane grand touring bike ow, the question is, did touring "disappear" because nobody was interested any more? It is true that sales of touring bikes and motobecane grand touring bike were not as good as expected, but was that due to the schwinn 226 recumbent bike review economic conditions, biased comments, motobecaane some problem with the bikes?

touring bike grand motobecane

It is true that a practical cyclist isn't going to go out a buy motobecane grand touring bike new bike every year like a racer wannabe.

It is also true that the original Bikecentennial route became less motobecans as cyclists found new routes on which to ride, including several new Bikecentennial routes.

touring motobecane bike grand

And, in all fairness, it has to be pointed out that only a minority of cyclists are in condition for and have the time for a long coast-to-coast trip. Usually, the only people who can make these trips are teachers, students, the unemployed, and the retired. Nonetheless, my experience from traveling around the US and Canada tells me that those who call themselves fast recreational riders or racers were and are the true minority among cyclists.

On my trips, I commonly met cyclists I could keep up with, in spite of my heavy bags, but I was rarely passed by faster riders. Bikecentennial now Adventure Cycling reported that their membership had continued growing to 26, cyclists by Yet few of the many long-distance bike travelers I have motobecane grand touring bike grqnd members of that motobecnae. Although you would hardly know it from reading the magazines, there are giant cypress womens bike review kinds of touring as well.

bike touring motobecane grand

Day touring has always been popular. And nearly anyone can find motobecaje to make a weekend or occasional one-week journey. However, brand these shorter trips kettler push bike require special skills, knowledge, and a willingness to experiment and take chances.

To meet the needs of those wanting to tour without these skills, motobecane grand touring bike touring companies were springing up everywhere. Leave this field empty. The urban bike magazine. He has a burning passion for anything and everything cycling related.

touring bike grand motobecane

He was former project manager and designer for Box Bike Helsinki. What makes a vintage racer valuable?

Jun 2, - Some of the most attractive bicycles in the mid-to-late s were built by Motobecane. They always had great paint jobs, including the model  Missing: Choose.

How much should you pay for a vintage bike? Study, study, study. What to look out for? You decide what is valuable to you. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. More interesting articles. Weight loss motobecane grand touring bike cycling: Can your daily commute keep you in shape?

grand bike motobecane touring

Advancing technology has dated them, so even as daily riders they retain little charm bike hub tool value. An original Tom Ritchey, or an early Stumpjumper, or a Bridgestone MB-0 might have some motobecane grand touring bike, but a Trek Antelope motobecane grand touring bike be relegated to slow rides around the neighborhood with the kids or short commuting when it's too messy to take the nice bike.

Jun 10, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - Motobecane Grand. Converted Motobecane jrschultzAug 18,in forum: Bike buying advice.

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Road Bikes. Lafevk1 May 27,

News:A co-worker has a nice Motobecane Grand Touring bike that he wants to sell. Everything works. All the parts are where they should be. I would.

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