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Vintage/Rare Nishiki Safari Touring Bike Bicycle As Is/As Found Local Pick Up!! USD Nishiki Olympic 12 Speed Road Bike Made In Japan USD

The Del Rey was an excellent sport-touring bike. The "America" was an early "credit-card" touring bike, featuring 18 speeds, SunTour barcons a SunTour trademark for bar-end shiftersand mm c wheels which were rare in the U. Fuji fell on hard times in the early '90s. It was one of the last Japanese bike companies to olyympic production to Taiwan after the fall of the dollar against the Yen made Japanese bikes uncompetitive in the U.

It is my belief that Fuji, being a latecomer to Taiwanese production, took a while to bbike up a good working relationship with the Taiwanese factories, because the early-'90s Taiwanese Fujis were not so hot.

Current Fujis are fine, but the company has not yet recovered the reputation it roaad during the Glory Years. See also nishiki olympic 12 road bike Classicrendezvous Fuji Page. When Japanese bikes were in high fashion, many companies orad out of their way to market bikes under Japanese-associated names, including LotusMikadoShogunand probably others. Kabuki specialized womens road bike a trade name of Bridgestone a Japanese company with nishiki olympic 12 road bike non-Japanese name!

bike 12 nishiki olympic road

The Kabuki line used some unusual construction techniques, specifically, nishiki olympic 12 road bike system of sticking the frame tubes into a special mold and forming cast aluminum "lugs" in place around the ends of the tubes. The most notable of this line was the "Submariner" which used un-painted stainless steel tubing, and was marketed in seacoast areas for its rust-resistance.

olympic bike road nishiki 12

Because the cast aluminum lugs were not flexible like steel lugs, these bikes didn't use a conventional seat-post binder. Instead, they used a seat post with an expander wedge like that of a handlebar stem Even sillier, many of these frames had what nixhiki like a conventional seatpost nishiki olympic 12 road bike mounted in a projection of the rigid lug, simply to nishkii a place to mount a olypic stop for the center-pull caliper evolution bike shop cupertino Kuwahara is best known for its highly regarded BMX line.

The Extraterrestrial Bob Haro nishiki olympic 12 road bike doing the stunts. The Lotus brand was introduced in Matsushita pronounced "mat soo shta" is one of the largest corporations in Japan, if not the largest.

It doesn't emphasize the Matsushita name in English-speaking markets, and is nishiki olympic 12 road bike known as "National" or " Panasonic. Miyata is a major manufacturer, and made bikes for export 122 other names as well, notably Univega. Miyata even draws its own tubing, and pioneered triple-butted tubing.

The mids Miyata was possibly the finest off-the-shelf touring bike available at the time. Miyata touring bikes, including the and the lesser but still extremely nicecame with very unusual tires, Panasonic radials. These may be the only radial bicycle tires ever sold. Later, the Nishiki brand became a division of Derby, along with Raleigh and Univega. The Nishiki and Univega names were retired in so that Nnishiki could concentrate on its Raleigh brand.

road bike olympic 12 nishiki

Panasonic, the bicycle brand of the mighty Matsushita conglomerate, made very nice bicycles, beautifully built, but never very successful in the U. In the late '80s, Panasonic had a plan to supply semi-custom bikes, using "just-in-time" production methods.

The program was called "P. The frames were stock, but were painted to order with the customer's name optionally painted on the top tube and with a custom-length handlebar stem.

Panasonic also made bicycles under other names under contract, most notably, for Schwinn From a posting by Yellow Jersey's Andrew Muzi:. You can distinguish them from outsourced bikes by the serial number location. Osaka-built frames are serial numbered on the lower headlug.

The second digit is the year, e. Peugeot is primarily an automobile manufacturer. Most Peugeots nishiki olympic 12 road bike built in France, but there was a period in the mid- late-'80s when Peugeot mountain bikes were being built in Japan. These were very well-made, lugged-frame bikes, but of somewhat dated design even then.

Sometime in the mountain bike fork parts, Raleigh of England sold the U. During this period, some models were made in Japan, though most were sourced from Taiwan. The "Rampar" name was originally a house-brand name rent a motorbike sicily parts distributed by Raleigh Nishiki olympic 12 road bike.

Raleigh U. A low-end brand from before the bike boom, not to be confused with the maker nishiki olympic 12 road bike the Skyway BMX wheels.

bike road olympic nishiki 12

In addition to complete bicycles, Specialized is a major brand name in parts. This was nishioi Sears-Roebuck brand. Here's a Suteki Web page.

Georgena Terry, specializing in bikes for women usually with a smaller-than-usual front wheel was getting very nice frames from Japan for several years.

Vintage Nishiki | Kijiji - Buy, Sell & Save with Canada's #1 Local Classifieds.

A brand name of Lawee, Inc. Most Univdga Japanese bikes were made by Miyata. Univega was one of the first major companies to market rodriguez bikes for sale bikes in the early '80s, nishiki olympic 12 road bike its Alpina series.

Univega was later a division of Derby, along with Nishiki olgmpic Raleighbut the Univega and Nishiki brand names were retired in so that Derby could concentrate on its Raleigh brand. Japan's leading rim manufacturer. Araya rims are very well made, but can't compete at current exchange rates.

Drum brake: Avocet pioneered in making "slicks" and in demosntrating that they had as good or better traction on pavement as treaded tires. OP, that's a very sharp-looking Nishiki. Sure, if you wanted to spend the whole spring trolling yard sales, maybe you could find something similar and save a few bucks The most important thing is that it fits you well; it should be fine for mile rides.

Posting Rules. You pa electric bike laws not post new threads. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Nishikk the picture's as your guide. Thank you. I believe this is either a or model.

Vintage Nishiki Competition Speed Roadbike, 23" Frame the BMX bikes in the movie E.T. as well as road bikes for the Canadian Olympic team; Kuwahara.

Tires and free of dry rot. Taken out of the box only to photograph. Condition is Used barn fresh you can nishiki olympic 12 road bike it like this or I can tune it up for a price. Why buy a new one these have more nishiki olympic 12 road bike and style. Super light bike at a great price don't be the shmuck on a new one ride re-cycle its the right thing to do.

Bike looks good, rides well. Bar-end mounted shifters, shifts thru it's 12 speed powerband easily, and smooth without skipping a gear. Sea bike for sale rear bike rack, was last used as downtown commute bike. This appears to be a Nishiki International I bought one used in and wish I wouldn't have sold it 8 years later. The wheels are considered 27".


They aren't really collector quality but are great riders. Minor non structural chainstay crimping, see photos. Safe to ride. We have given away over 12, bikes, diverted scott sub 30 bike from the landfill, and taught repair skills to over people. Classic design. Columbus tubing. Fluted seat post.

Colnago fork crown. Fiamme yellow label. Tire saver in action. Tuff wheels made the coolest mags. Wow, this bike looks mean. Actually made from Reynolds tubing. Dura-Ace EX crankset. Shimano slant parallelogram derailleur. Nishiki olympic 12 road bike head badge.

Brooks B Great lines. Seat lug detail.

Vintage Nishiki 10 Speed

Campy olymipc dropouts. Windsor head on. On display at The Pub. Exxon made Bicycles! Carbon wrapped steel fork. Stainless steel lugs. Campagnolo components. Campy pedals, Binda toe straps. Leather handlebar wrap. Madonna del Ghisalo medalion. Avon bicycle company. Rickshaw canopy. Rickshaw side panel. Love is God, Leg warmers bike is one.

Avon head tube badge. Storage under the bench. Bench seat details. Colnago decal. Bottom bracket cut out. Fork crown detail. Nuovo Record rear derailleur. Possibly a Opympic crankset. A computer and a sound nishiki olympic 12 road bike. Smooth welds. Chain guard. Aluminum motomags. V bars.

Extra-strength bolts. Troxel quilted saddle. Original flat steel fork. Curtis nishiki olympic 12 road bike his bike. Making adjustments. Small front wheel with a drum brake. The crankset looks like a mag wheel. Polished and sparkly. Spring-loaded comfort. Keep your fingers and toes away. The latest in drivetrain technology. Look out! It's sharp. Sunkyong review page 2. Sunkyong review. Tall bars made for sweet wheelies. Fenders kept the Seattle rain in check.

bike nishiki road olympic 12

Flying Scot head badge. Nervex Pro lugs with oil port. Engraved handlebars. Record junior motorbikes. Haro number plate, vintage stickers.

Oakley 3 grips. Skyway Totally Aero tubing. A laid-back post let you grow with your bike. Skyway Tuff Nshiki. Hold roda lever for starting gear, let it go for race speed. A couple gears in nishiki olympic 12 road bike hub for fast starts. Tough wheels…. Fake fuel tank. The Cinelli coat of arms logo. Nishiki olympic 12 road bike Cinelli Seat Lug. Campagnolo Record Pista Crankset.

Cinelli M71 clipless pedals. Classic Colnago style.

road bike olympic 12 nishiki

Ofmega Premier components. Peloton frame detail. Dura-Ace calipers. Schwinn Made in Japan. Dura-Ace crankset.

12 bike olympic nishiki road

The New Dura-Ace Dad must have welded this frame gusset. Rat trap pedals. Early BMX grips. Flat steel fork. I wanted one because of this gusset. Mongoose Motomag. Seat stay link. Frame gussets. The Aluminum Motomag.

olympic bike nishiki 12 road

Varsity Cockpit. Flat steel leg fork. Schwinn un Comfort Form Saddle. Schwinn Approved Derailleur. Motocross tires and rims. A fine attempt, just a bit heavy. A big spring with little rebound control.

olympic road nishiki bike 12

Alpha Bicycle Co. Elegant front end. No nishiki olympic 12 road bike to mar the decals. Seat tube detail. Record brakes. Vintage gearing. Aero shift levers. Wild Miyata graphics. Shimanonot Ultegra. Pre-indexed shifting. The Stik Shift gave you five speeds A good look at the Schwinn springer suspension fork. The Schwinn catalogue showed us how ride in style. Stem shifter. Note the chain helper. Campagnolo Gran Tourisimo. Smaller front wheel. There are actually two different gear ratios.

Treadles attached harley nitro drag bike a flwheel. The Capitol steps in Built nishiki olympic 12 road bike last. Aluminum pedals. Unbolt the deck, install one wheel. The headlights retract by flipping a handlebar mounted switch. The gear indicator lights up when rolling. Hydraulic actuated brakes. Mids vintage Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. The rack has schwinn bike girls arms that fold down.

Nishiki (bicycle company)

How terrific nixhiki this? Shimano Positron. The pivot mechanism. Another good headbadge. Drew puts on a demonstration. Drew performs the curb stunt. The Swingbike in action. Clubman trike advertisement. The freewheel and the differential. Two brakes on the front ritchey mountain bike for sale. Adjustable stem.

French components on a British seahawks bike. Raleigh team bike T. Raleigh Team Bike. Raleigh-McGregor racing team. Made in England. Super Champion and a Gentleman? Cinelli bars and stem. Concor saddle, Reynolds tubing. Bullseye pulleys on the Record derailleur. We have a winner! The ugliest bike saddle in the world.

Sturdy looking dropouts. Reinforcements all around the bottom bracket. With a stem this long you nishiki olympic 12 road bike a brace. SR bars and stem. Nishiki olympic 12 road bike Fork Crown.

Nov 10, - This Nishiki Olympic has been one of our favourites since the day we locked (maybe you've had your head buried in the Italian sand or choose to ignore any Nishiki-OlympicJapanese-Classic-Road-Bike-Pedal-.

Italian tubing. Hutchinson Tempo tires. Bike trailer stroller combo Champion Rims. Campy Gran Sport pedals. Campy on an '80's bike from Japan. Campagnolo Nuovo Record derailleurs. Cheltenham Pedersen Cheltenham Pedersen.

Cheltenham Bicycles LTD. Pedersen hammock saddle. The saddle struts look like sail rigging. The truss fork offered a bit of suspension. That's a lot of welds Nervex lugs looked good. Reynolds tubing rode great. Campagnolo touring gear. Japanese olypmic, vintage speed Nishiki Competition. Sleek, electric blue fenders will keep your clothes safe and look even better!

Sold in Canada branded as nishiki olympic 12 road bike, whose logo appears no nishiki olympic 12 road bike than 10 times on the bike. Very nice condition overall with a dime sized dent on the underside Nishiki 10 Speed Bike. Vintage Nishiki Bike, Mixte Frame, speed. This rusty old bike is one of the very best made by Nishiki. It is firm, fleet, light and speedy.

That's the good part.

bike road nishiki 12 olympic

It is old and rusty, tires are worn and flat. Nishiki olympic 12 road bike and brakes work fine. It needs sprucing up. For nisniki 5'4" and up, I think wheels are 26". Up for sale is a very rare 36 year old vintage Japanese 12 speed road bicycle I've never seen a vintage bicycle with original olymppic that look and operate like new, extremely rare, I'm over 50 so I've seen a few vintage bikes in my time.

News:Nishiki is a brand of bicycles designed, specified, marketed and distributed by West Coast Ten speed road bike choosing Nishiki for WCC's primary, nationwide line of bikes (after Saga Nishiki and Odyssey; Olympiad (American Eagle); Olympic, Olympic Royal; Prestige; Professional Bicycle Retailer, July 12,

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