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Feb 2, - The Novara Safari sitting on the end caught my eye. Since I didn't know Next Saturday I'm picking up my new touring bike. I went with the.

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Sep 26, - We bought two REI brand Novara Safari bikes. BACKGROUND From the REI website. The Novara Safari is a touring bike. MY PICK. Joyce is.

Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Once again, it was primarily novara safari touring bike handling that won us over, but also the ease of hitching and unhitching, and the ability to lay the bike down and have the trailer be stable and upright.

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It novarw loading and unloading a lot easier. Baby Chelsea naps in her Burley trailer. We are really excited about our choices and we will, as always, keep you updated with our experiences.

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Online bikes are a very good value but hard to find so I have rounded up my novara safari touring bike. Great for road and off road with an agile geometry and accepts wide or narrow tires. I am tall and recently bought a mountain bike with 29er wheels and really like how it rides and would like to try this in my next touring bike. I have never toured this retro bike saddle but I know a ton of cyclist who like this style of bike.

touring bike safari novara

The new breed of off road bike packing and snow bicycle. I have nlvara owned a bike like this but I bet someday I do. Seasonal - Surly bikes are not always available on line but they are a great deal.

bike touring novara safari

Surly LHT touring bicycle. Dreaming of Endless Travel. Injustice of Poverty.

safari bike novara touring

novara safari touring bike The Randonee and the Safari tiuring probably just as heavy but assembled with slightly better components. They will both offer more flexibility and you'll probably be happier with either but I wouldn't expect them to be dramatically faster.

Novara Randonee – Touring Bicycle Review

That is, unless you go to skinny tires, lighter wheels, etc. Right now I don't do any touring, and don't plan to. Thus, I never carry 50 lbs.

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Let me know if that is bad advice. Reviews on REI's site of the Safari indicated a lot of people suggesting it as a great all-in-one bike. A few reviewers routinely rode it over more expensive fixies, mtbs, etc I didn't find mention novara safari touring bike versatility when looking at the Randonee.

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A simpler question I should ask is: Which frame Randonee, Element, Safari will I most likely keep novara safari touring bike, and take pride in rebuilding? I feel that was my biggest mistake in getting theis that the frame isn't good enough to keep around.

safari bike novara touring

It looks like the Randonee has been sold for a couple decades and has a strong following, with people riding it for many years. I don't find that for the Safari, but it hasn't been around for nearly as long.

touring novara bike safari

Any idea which would be less desirable to thieves, if I painted the frame black? Velo Dog. Every bike is a compromise of some sort.

bike touring novara safari

For all but serfas bike saddles most serious riders a group that doesn't include me anymore, but dafari toa tire swap will make almost any hybrid or even a mountain bike work novara safari touring bike on the road.

I did my first century, 20 years ago, on a Mongoose mountain bike with 26x1.

Novara Safari

It hurt a lot and I was slow, but the same is true on my Rambouillet today. I don't know the Safari, but I used to have a Randonee jovara used it for everything from long day rides to fire novara safari touring bike.

bike touring novara safari

It worked fine, never had any problems, and I'd still have it if I hadn't destroyed it in a crash. My present main ride bime a Rivendell Atlantis, novara safari touring bike similar design, and I sci fit bike that for everything, too. My mountain bike hasn't been out of the garage all summer because I'd rather swap wheels on the Atlantis and use that in dirt.

Find More Posts by Velo Dog.

touring novara bike safari

I have 4 bikes. A road racing bike, cyclocross bike, hardtail mountain bike and cruiser. My absolute favorite and one dafari I ride most often is the cyclocross bike. Commuting or group rides the cyclocross is the most comfortable and with novara safari touring bike tires can handle nontechnical trails.

bike touring novara safari

If I was convinced that I was going to stay on reebok 610 recumbent bike road, or rails to trails, I would consider a bike like the Novara safari touring bike Pacer which would shave some weight off the fork, and give me cailper brakes and still allow fenders and a rack.

Good luck in your search, which reminds me that I have to sell novraa road bike sometime. Find More Posts by BillyBob.

safari touring bike novara

The bike comes with an aluminum rear rack that bulges out to allow clearance for novara safari touring bike brakes. It nivara fine during test rides leading up to the tour when I loaded my panniers with books and one local shop told me they thought it would handle the tour just fine.

safari bike novara touring

In the bikf I upgraded to a Tubus Logo and added a Jandd aluminum front rack. The same rule that works with the tires probably applies to the rear rack.

safari touring bike novara

It will probably work awhile, but you might save a future headache to upgrade it right away. I hated these personally.

bike touring novara safari

They come with a platform toe clip pedal and while some people like toe clip pedals, these seemed poor quality, most likely thrown on to the bike so buyers have a pedal rather than none at novara safari touring bike. The clips were made of plastic and after riding with them for a couple hundred miles before the tour the screws shook loose and the clips fell shimano bike cables.

touring novara bike safari

I replaced them with a pair of Shimano Ms. Hope this helps and I made some sense.

News:Topic: Bicycle Touring [change] Reviews: Touring bikes (regular) Novara Safari (steel frame) (thread) welds) and with V-brakes, but still has the mountings for disc brakes should you decide to upgrade to that later.

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