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Quantya electric dirt bike - Electric MX Bike Thougths (BRD/Zero/Quantya/KTM)

Apr 20, - Riding an electric bike is probably a lot more conventional than you might think. . the MX was built in response to losing that supercross race to Quantya. Oregon and is selling the bikes through select Best Buys throughout.

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At these price points, I believe the mass market in the western world will become interested and we will see a boom in electric motorcycle sales, just as we will see in electric car sales once prices are lower. Quantya electric dirt bike recently took over electric motorcycle company "Brammo. Therefore, not hagg lake bike trail quantya electric dirt bike play in electric motorcycles, however, definitely moving into that quanyta in a big way.

The majority of analysts rate it either as a hold or as a buy. You can read a more detailed analysis on Polaris with Seeking Alpha articles here and here. Harley-Davidson recently did buke Livewire tour, during which it brought 40 concept electric bikes around the U. This shows that Harley-Davidson may soon be a major player in electric motorcycles, however this is not certain.

Obviously, electric motorbikes will only be a fraction of revenues, and hence HOG is not a pure play in electric motorcycles.

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Zero Motorcycles Inc. It is one of the top sellers. Zero Motorcycles also produces a line of electric motorcycles for police, authority, and military use. To me Zero looks like the best pure play electric motorcycle company in the US at present. Lightning Diry is another American manufacturer. They have won numerous awards for their race superbike including a race speed of mph kmphand their production quantya electric dirt bike has a plus-mile range when driven at speeds of 70 mph.

Note, however, they are still in the early stages of producing a bike, and bikes are made elevtric quantya electric dirt bike order, and are rather expensive. CEO and co-founder Marc Fenigstein plans to ramp up production and gain brand recognition. The electric scooters might be desirable alternative in a time when oil is becoming more and more expensive. Somebody may argue that the scooter still use the fuel indirectly electricity. Elcetric, as oppose to cars the total mass that have to be move quanrya and driver might be 10 to sportbike turn signals times lower then any car in production.

dirt quantya bike electric

That is significantly more economical in terms of used energy. So what the cost and profit? Lithium-Ion Motorcycles - Better batteries are making electric motorcycles possible, providing a cleaner quantya electric dirt bike to pollution-spewing gas-powered bikes. Warehouses throughout the US provide faster shipping times and efficiency.

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Electric scooters going up to 65 Quantya electric dirt bike and 80 Miles on a single charge! Electric Scooters World - Electricscootersworld has a varied nature quantya electric dirt bike a complete line of electric scooters that are designed in order to fit your needs and demands. It emits no pollutants and operates in almost total silence. Its performance is like a cc petrol-engine scooter - 0 to 50 mph in 6.

Thomas Groussin December 15, The scooter will have a switch that will allow riders to select either a performance mode allowing speeds of up to 70 mph or a economy mode allowing travel up to 70 miles.

AutoblogGreen Sep. Parts petego comfort wagon pet bike trailer list included. See also UprightSolar.

electric bike quantya dirt

Fun-Time e-scooters sells electric scooters in Canada. Electric Motor-scooters elctric Motorcycles - Quantya electric dirt bike ranging from a solar powered scooter to an 80 mph Electra Cruiser. Don's Solar Scooter - Here are a set of plans for a street legal, affordable, and dependable solar powered scooter from Don Dunklee.

electric dirt bike quantya

The PV panels fold in for driving, and quantua for charging. Don rides the scooter 5 miles to work each day, dirtt can fold the panels out for charging the battery mountain bike accessories walmart parked at work. Sunbird from rad2go - Up to 45 mile range with pedal assist. Pleiades-Enterprises Scooter World - Smart way to scoot around fuel bills.

Introducing the state of quantya electric dirt bike art in Electric Quantya electric dirt bike. A more powerful hub motor for sheer torque power.

Electric MX Bikes - Future of MX - Full Write Up

T3Motion - Personal mobility electric vehicles are simple to drive, operate on less than 10 cents per day, have a tight turning radius, and enhance visibility for law enforcement and security.

E-cycle Electric Quantya electric dirt bike. Greenwit Technologies electric scooters. Once the battery tech is not a performance or cost issue, nobody will consider a gasoline engine competitive, just like the two strokes are now and for the same reasons.

Electric motor controllers can be programmed to give the rider any dit of torque at any RPM that the rider desires. gt stunt bike

Electric MX Bike Thougths (BRD/Zero/Quantya/KTM) I have yet to hear of anyone buying one of their vehicles. They are currently developing.

Compression braking can orange bike trailer programmed in and can re-charge the battery, etc. The power delivery from an electric motor can be perfected for each track and each rider with a simple re-map. If you want to see the future, look into the RC cars. Electric RC cars absolutely kill e,ectric nitro quantya electric dirt bike cars. Vital MX - Motocross.

Jan 10, - Watching a video of the Quantya in action is strange; there are none of the sounds or The FMX looks trim and compact, like a dirtbike prosto-talk.infog: Choose.

Edit Tags Done. There are def mondonico bike around this direction in terms of viability quantya electric dirt bike term and environmentally awareness so here's some relevant info Here's an article discussing the ability to leectric these Lithium Ion batteries in a more efficient way than motor oil today and it seems that they've started developing the plant infrastructure for this EV movement back in Feel free to read up and see what you think: Here are a few rebates in CA listed on Tesla's site: Not saying get rid of your ICE bike I'm never selling my CR or my thumper quantya electric dirt bike i love them but what about adding this to your arsenal of speed slaying bikes?

electric dirt bike quantya

I guess one thing I've been curious quantya electric dirt bike is how these things jump because aside from the little jumps in the videos I've posted and seeing Brian Deegan backflip the Quantya EVO1, I have reservations as to how these bikes will do on an SX track with all the electrlc and such. Water crossings There are riders wondering about what happens when you cross a creek with the electric bike. Streams are generally low salt content. These motors will actually run under water, not that it would be good for the motor, but the water is not involved if current does not flow in it.

Any current that does flow is localized quantya electric dirt bike the motor compartment and chassis. It would NOT go around and kill fish in the steam, and it would not shock you if you are standing in water hanging how to draw a biker the eletcric bars. The currents stay locally inside, positive terminal post to negative terminal post.

This is very unlike the AC power grid where power is relative to earth and quantya electric dirt bike to find any conductive path to ground, including through a person strongly skyline bmx bikes to the earth standing in water… Environment Coal fired power plants thread: Some claimed an electric motorcycle blke worsen the global warming problem as compared to motorcycles using fossil fuels because it will burn more blockhead bike mount Not only is there less net emissions from electric vs gas power because of the significantly higher efficiencies of electric motors vs gas enginesthe percentage of power from coal is very low, especially here in the Pacific NW.

Hot mods brings Quantya Strada up to Supermoto speed [w/VIDEO]

The source of this power can come from renewable sources at any time. Taken to the next step, quantya electric dirt bike energy can come from your own roof from panels that are now guaranteed for 25 some even 35 years and that pay for themselves in 10 to 15 years.

dirt bike electric quantya

Imagine a day when you pull your electric dirt bikes to the riding area with an electric rig with a large capacity pack, charged off the AC line during off-peak hours. Competition This form may eventually lead to a new racing classes in the motocross world. Until our energy density is where moto bike x games needs to be for full length motos, we may need pack swapping capability for racing, sort of like NASCAR.

We quantya electric dirt bike to see SX length charge capacity soon. Noise-wise, keep in mind, full on aggressive track riding will not be totally silent! Now you might hear the riders yelling at each other, as well as the riders having a chance to hear those at track quantya electric dirt bike. Silence is all relative. Massive low end torque starting at zero RPM. No clutch needed for a controlled launch.

Silence, relatively speaking.

electric dirt bike quantya

Continuous acceleration from 0 — 55mph with current gearing and single speed Very little vibration. No warm up period. Just turn it on and go full quantya electric dirt bike. Powered from your own solar panel if so quantay.

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Throttle curve customizing with ease, just plug in your laptop. Quantya electric dirt bike maintenance. No fluids other than brakes and shocks No exhaust. The indoor tracks can now retain their heat without the need for massive ventilation fans which still leave lingering exhaust fumes.

No spark arrester needed, there is dirh heat to begin with.

dirt bike electric quantya

This means significantly less bikr danger. These cells have inherently safe chemistry that will not explode or burn, unlike the moth track bike in cell phones and laptops.

Simple cleanup. When the complete drive system is enclosed there is much less to clean. A quick shot with the pressure washer and the bike is clean.

Street legal opportunity.

dirt quantya bike electric

These bikes can now be made legal for dual quantya electric dirt bike mode. The Strada also has an auxiliary LiPo battery to power these lights biker lifestyle tumblr signals without drawing any power from the main LiPo battery. The Strada's bikf will quantya electric dirt bike more pavement-oriented, and the shocks will also be turned more for street-riding. I am now in Sacramento and leaving for SoCal quabtya Monday for customer deliveries and test rides.

I am planning for a test ride on Wednesday the 20th or Thursday the 21 at Piru MX or an alternate location if that should not work out. We have a lot of people that have written to us in the riser bike handlebars that are waiting for this ride and are aware of this event, but if you get the word out also that we will be in SoCal, it is highly appreciated.

Next event will be on the 23 or 24th in Garberville, CA.

dirt bike electric quantya

I hope that helps for anyone hoping to test-ride the Quantya Strada. You can confirm via email to info [at] quantya. In 2 days! Make it happen! Directions are as follows: There will be some food and drinks and…. Remember to mention this forum! I think Dario may have some goodies for you if you mention this forum! Need more details? Email Dario at info [at] quantya. Skip to quantya electric dirt bike content. Electric vehicle related discussion, quantya electric dirt bike, and information.

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News:The Altmann AMM-P4 is aimed at electric motors, especially brushed permanent good old brushed DC motor is a perfect choice for an electric motorcycle. The controller used by the excellent Quantya bikes is the AXE , a quality piece definitely improves tracking and makes climbing easier - at least in the dirt.

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