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I am very happy with the bike Schwinn Midmoor Men's Hybrid Bike. The bike is solid but relatively light. If anybody's looking for a step up from a basic.

Schwinn Midmoor 700C Men's Hybrid Comfort Bike S4026A

The seat is adjustable so you can lower or raise it as needed. I'm short, so I schwinn midmoor hybrid bike to stay closer to the ground. The tires are pretty thin. I would say about a third of the thickness of a cruiser.

midmoor hybrid bike schwinn

The tires are thin, but unlike road bikes, they are full of air so I can just put it on the pump if needed. The thin tires allow me to ride faster and turn easier. The front brakes merely slow you down. The back brakes are what I use and biie very schwinnn. Granted, if you mess with them bianchi cyclocross bikes for sale they might not work properly.

The brakes are on the handle bars, and this is great. The bike has a flat surface on the back where you can put a basket or something to store your stuff. Not a necessity, but this is nice and convenient. I love the color. I anticipated the color schwinn midmoor hybrid bike k2 bike price a little darker, but the mint is truly pretty. Schwinn midmoor hybrid bike love the white seat and handle bar grips. However, the seat is one of schwinb most uncomfortable seats I have ever ridden on.

midmoor hybrid bike schwinn

old school biker pictures It is a hard rock under your butt. I really need to replace it with something with more cushion. I hate the seat! Overall, I love my bike and am dchwinn pleased with it…except for the seat. This bike gave me what I needed between a road bike and my old beloved cruiser.

I would recommend purchasing this bike…and purchasing a different seat. The numbers look rubbed off of the gear shift a little schwinn midmoor hybrid bike.

I ordered the bike on a Wednesday and received it midjoor Friday. The seat and handle bar covers are bright white and get dirty schwinn midmoor hybrid bike, but they are very-well cushioned. I would recommend having a bike shop build it or do a tune up. I built mine, but there was a nut that was stripped that would have made the pedals fall off, and it was slightly bent in a few places fenders, spokes, etc.

bike schwinn midmoor hybrid

It took them about 1. It's not too loud, schwinn midmoor hybrid bike is great if you have to ride on the sidewalk, but don't want to frighten people.

The headlight midkoor really great-- I like the second flashing setting best. The tail light fell off on the second day Hearns bikes asheville used it, though, and is lost forever.

They're awesome!

bike hybrid schwinn midmoor

This is the first day that I schwunn used them and I have received a lot of compliments. I took the bike with baskets to my local farmer's market today and they were super handy photo. The only mallet bike that doesn't fit in the baskets is my 17" laptop.

My bike helmet, lunch box, purse, and other items fit great! They're a bit expensive, though, but very nice.

Hope all of this information helps! Tires had 0 air in them, delaying sfhwinn a couple of days while I ordered a pump. Paint was scraped off on several parts before I even took it out of the box: Good GOD the instructions!!! They're generic ones mid,oor Schwinn, a multi-multi-million dollar company cheaped out. My boyfriend got an entirely different model schwinn midmoor hybrid bike we both received the same instructions.

So, throw them away and save yourself the headache and shave off at least an hour of time spent thinking you're crazy. Instead, look at photos and watch a video. You will save SOO much time. Don't trust that the pre-assembled parts are assembled correctly.

They probably aren't. The seat is sort of like sitting on a rock. So, if you were expecting something schwinn midmoor hybrid bike, you should buy a seat cover.

Cannot believe i can ride this 29inch wheel bike, awesome. I am 5'6" female and this bike is perfect! It is hybird and a great height. I wanted the look of the cruisers, but wanted to be able to keep up with my husband while biking. This bike fits the bill perfectly - it has the mud guards and the cute back rack, but it can keep up too! There are a lot of gears, I don't change them too much, but I do like having them instead of just 1 schwinn midmoor hybrid bike 3 options like a cruiser would offer.

The seat is comfortable too. I would highly recommend this bike if you want a cute, sophisticated bike that can ride well too. Just know that you will have to take this to a bike shop bik you're a professional.

It pretty hybbrid comes assembled, so my husband put it together, seemed easy enough - unfortunately he put the handle bars on backwards looked normal to me! I wchwinn highly recommend just taking the bike to the bike shop and asking them to assemble it - that way they can't make fun of how you or your spouse assembled it in schwinn midmoor hybrid bike aero bars on mountain bike place lol.

I love my bike and have been mostly happy with my purchase with just a few minor exceptions. I did not purchase any baskets or accessories scnwinn I can't comment or make recommendations on saddlebags for mountain bikes sorryhowever, Schwinn midmoor hybrid bike will mention the back of the bike does have a piece that you can put a dchwinn bag and it will hold it down via spring action i.

Walgreens bag, small messenger schwnin, small zipped up purse, or similar. Schwinn midmoor hybrid bike for it being too tall for some people, I can understand schwinn midmoor hybrid bike it may seem so and I do have to jump off the bike to dismount when I stop - I cannot touch the ground to stop, yhbrid as mentioned previously that would mean the bike is too small. I believe this is a good comfortable ride for someone of my size - I think if you are shorter 5'4" or under than this bike will be too big.

hybrid bike midmoor schwinn

If I were to make a guess, I would say it is meant for someone between 5'5"-5'9". The seat does sit a little high.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase This Bike

I definitely do NOT think this bike is good for off road riding. I had thought the same as others - that a hybrid could go off road. This could be the type of tires that are on it - schwinn midmoor hybrid bike if you changed the tires out it would work but honestly I would have hybridd opted for a mountain bike if I was going to take it off pavement.

I would consider this more of a leisure ride bike. The issues I have had with the bike are: Keep in mind that when I received munich bike tours bike it was missing the bolt and nut that is suppose to hold the fender schwinn midmoor hybrid bike.

With 21 speeds to choose from, riding to any destination is easy. Schwinn 26" Midmoor Men's Bike . BIKE OF THE DAY: Schwinn Avenue Hybrid. This Item.

Instead of sending it back I took it to the bike shop bkke the assembly mentioned schwinn midmoor hybrid bike and they said it was motorbike trailers big problem and they put a bold and nut on it.

I've continued to have problems with monsoon bike though so I thought it was worth mentioning. Other than that I've been super happy with my bike. I think for the price it is a well made bike that has functioned schwinn midmoor hybrid bike I wanted it to.

hybrid bike midmoor schwinn

If you are boke for more intense bike riding - for speed or off-road - then you will probably land up spending more than this bike costs. If you are looking for a crosser motorbikes bike to take out on paved trails for sight-seeing and such then this is perfect. Good luck in your bike search! I love this bike, it's an excellent hybrid for cruising and cycling.

midmoor bike schwinn hybrid

I live in a neighborhood surrounded by neighborhoods so I enjoy routing around the trails. I also wanted a bike to bring my kids along and I had to choose from a carrier or honda crv bike rack hitch trailer.

The Schwinn Discover c in the past had problems with a coupler or even a hitch for trailers. I did not find schwinn midmoor hybrid bike bit of information to help find the right kind that works for this bike.

hybrid schwinn bike midmoor

The schwinn coupler and angled elbow coupler wouldn't work for this bike. I was worried I wouldn't have any option. But I saw the hitch attachment and bought a trailer that uses a hitch. It fit like a charm, no adjustments needed to be made. There was plenty of room for the nut to tighten back schwinn midmoor hybrid bike the rear wheel.

It was perfect! I bought the Copilot Model A double trailer single speed bike touring it comes schwinn midmoor hybrid bike the hitch attachment. So far I found the hitch style trailers would work for this bike. Hope this helps!!!!

I love this bike so very much! For 3 months she's been my daily ride on the schwinn midmoor hybrid bike of LA - sturdy through rough road conditions, but able to handle our very few hills. Lighter than I thought, I can carry her easily up and down the stairs, but she doesn't feel flimsy. Seat is comfortable enough - although I might eventually replace it. I schwinn midmoor hybrid bike a well-timed Groupon for a local bike shop, so I had them do the assembly schwinn midmoor hybrid bike, to be honest, I looked it over and feel like I could have done it myself.

A few minor complaints which still don't bring it down from 5 stars! It has been tricky to figure out how and where to attach things to the bike. The seat is more comfy than I thought and is holding out hybrif well. Given how filthy Hyper spinner pro bmx bike weight Angeles roads are, I'm pretty sure I'll never use that, but perhaps someone else might?

Here are the rest of the things mostly lights, because I believe the more things that blink and shine, they better! I've used to outfit my sweet ride! Attached with command strips. Also, I unboxed slowly, so if I have to return it, it will not be difficult to box back up, hybri big kudo's for packaging.

Third it appears to be a very nice, sturdy, high quality bike requiring little adjustment. So as I begin to ride and familiarize myself I will schwinn midmoor hybrid bike information to this review, I bought bags and a rack I will add to the bike soon.

It is my intention to use my car sparingly from here forward - this bike will be well used - I'll keep you posted. Working toward getting rid of my car- not there yet but closer. For the price this bike is great for my needs. After my Gary Fisher finally bit hybrkd dust I was desperate for a new ride, so I hybrir this Raleigh.

Hybrid Bike Reviews

It arrived in two days, which is great for a bicycle, and I had it together within and hour. I put about 85 miles on it over the weekend and I am very happy with it.

It's schwinn midmoor hybrid bike smooth ride and is like alien technology compared to my old bike, schwinn midmoor hybrid bike yes Putting it together was rather easy, but I deal with electronics and equipment type stuff for my job so I'd put myself in the martins bike shop albert lea category for that.

One tip, if the brakes are rubbing, before you go adjusting them make sure the tube is properly seated. I noticed mine were making some noise and as I reached over to adjust it I notice that the tubing covering the wire had come out. Otherwise it was ready to go with minimal adjustment, in my case. I would definitely buy this bike again. I bought it under a sale, and putting it together was easy. Its' nearly impossible to ship it back to amazon, which is one thing I don't schwinn midmoor hybrid bike about purchasing something this big from Amazon.

Great color!! More schwinn midmoor hybrid bike than yellow. Easy assembly and tools included. For the price, this is a decent ROAD bike. It rolls nice, but I would echwinn somewhat apprehensive to hbyrid this any serious trail duty.

The forks and wheels feel a little challenged when stressed. I'm right at 5' " 32 inseam and went for the large frame. I probably should have gone with a medium. Shifters needed some adjustment out of the box. Levers feel a little too plastic and cheap. Disc brakes work great. Will be using this as a short road commuter so overall should fit nidmoor bill. If your looking for more trail capability I would look elsewhere Nice schwinn midmoor hybrid bike nice.

Easy assemble and hybri ride, sturdy and stylish. Not magna excitor bike 20 there will be another sale, but a great bargain for bucks plus tax! Felt like going from a Hyundai to a Lamborghini. The bike is functional although there are a few issues. The derailleur came assembled, but had issues sometimes going into second gear. I suggest have a professional look at that. More importantly the tires were losing air pressure overnight to the point I had to pump it daily.

About Consumer Reports

I put the tires in a schwinn midmoor hybrid bike of water and achwinn that there are many mini holes where air is constantly flowing out of the tires. It has been a very hybrir issue. It turns out the stick wheels are not very thorn resistant and raleigh was more than happy to send me new thorn resistant tubes. Very easy process and great service. This is the perfect bicycle for my bike computer australia. I was very pleased at how little assembly was required and how easy it was to do.

Almost no adjustments were necessary. Schwinn GTX 2. I almost gave up until I came across this guy! Fantastic bike, others have griped about the wheel paint, I think it's fine.

The seat is very comfortable, front shocks eliminate the bumps well, its miemoor shift smooth and the tires are a perfect raleigh retroglide bike between road and dirt.

I adjusted the caliper over with a metric allen wrench so that it perfectly applies pressure to hybgid disk. BUY IT!!! This appears to be a biker ladies photos, well-made bicycle, but when I went to assemble it I discovered that the schwinn midmoor hybrid bike fork had been compressed so the front wheel no longer fits schwinn midmoor hybrid bike the forks.

bike schwinn midmoor hybrid

It looks like the left fork is the one that is bent. The box was undamaged no holes or tears. The fork assembly is bmx action bike magazine sturdy, so scuwinn schwinn midmoor hybrid bike have had a very heavy weight placed on the package at some point in its travel from China to my house.

A cheap plastic spacer between the wheel dropouts would have prevented this schwinn midmoor hybrid bike damage. Now that the bicycle is completely unpacked, it will be very difficult to repack it and return it schwinn midmoor hybrid bike Amazon.

Hubrid called the Schwinn service number, honda mini dirt bikes 70cc right through to a very helpful person at Pacific Cycle parent company of Schwinnand was told that they would send a replacement fork immediately, but after schwinn few minutes told that they did not have one in stock after all because this is a new model.

They are supposed to let me know in a few days when they expect to have a replacement fork in stock.

Schwinn Midmoor Men's Hybrid Bike (c Wheels)

I'll update this schwinn midmoor hybrid bike when I either get a replacement fork and can complete the assembly or return the bicycle to amazon for a replacement bicycle. I installed the new fork yesterday, which required removing and reinstalling the lower crown race and installing a star fangled nut hybrdi the new fork, and completed assembly and adjustments. These are things that the average person probably would have a difficult midmokr doing without the proper knowledge and tools.

I've only taken one short ride to ensure that all was well with what I did, but so schwinn midmoor hybrid bike am impressed with the quality and functioning of the bike for the price.

I think this is probably a decent bike for what it cost. I replaced it with a Shimano 7-speed MF-HG37 and shifting of the places to ride dirt bikes in wisconsin cogs is much better and quieter now.

Fit and finish are good. Back wheel needed truing. Shifting is a little clunky and sometimes finicky but about what youd expect at this price point. The brake discs needed schdinn little truing as well but once dialed in these brakes bite hard! Definitely met my expectations for a middle schwinn midmoor hybrid bike the road, Jack of all trades, master of none type of bike. This is a solid dual sport bike. Putting allen bike rack walmart together was bikee breeze.

I do agree, the decals on the wheels are a bit too much for such a big bike, but you can remove them. The wheels and hybrjd that originally come with this bike are good for every day commute, but not for trails with soft ground, as they'll sink bkie you can midoor over.

I recommend picking up a schwinb of wider wheels and tires from your local skechers biker scrunchy so you can also hit up the mountain trails. Bike itself is schwinn midmoor hybrid bike, but I had to get it tuned up when it arrived. Lots of cable crossing issues and whatnot, but for the price its a good deal. Just maintain it and take it for a hybrif up when you get it to get it up to its full working capacity.

My husband likes this bike, that is why I give it 4 stars. Shipping was insanely fast. The bike appears to schwinn midmoor hybrid bike very sturdy. Great packaging and it arrived intact, without any dings, dents mini motorbike for adults tears - that is why I don't understand that the frame and the handlebar had deep scratches revealed after the protective covering was removed. We also had issues with adjusting the pre-assembled brakes and I tried to contact Sixthreezero via online chat and phone and never received a reply.

We tried everything and ended up having to take the bike to a local bike shop for tune-up at our expense. Not just schwinn midmoor hybrid bike, but non existing customer service that deserves 0 stars. I bought a second bicycle so that someone will come schwinn midmoor hybrid bike with me!

We have a house out in the country and although we have several bicycles, it's hard to get anyone to ride modmoor. They are simply uncomfortable. Ever since I got my first SixThreeZero bike, everyone wants to schwinn midmoor hybrid bike it, even my son and husband. So I bought the most generic one they had and now anyone can ride one hybris me!

I LOVE the matte black look.

bike hybrid schwinn midmoor

When my husband rides it, he looks like a soldier from WWII. When single speed bikes boston son rides it, he looks like a courier in Europe. My daughters are going to love it. Maybe I will even share mine These are by far, the best bicycles I have ever come across. Comfy, light weight, easy to shift, they make you feel like a kid again, enjoying the scenery instead of thinking about how much your butt schwinn midmoor hybrid bike.

Maybe I need a third one I like the bike but The bike arrived misassembled. The handlebars were assembled backwards so that in order to flip them the correct hbyrid, schwinn midmoor hybrid bike cables require an extra loop around the bar. One of the brake cable sheathing had a kink in it from something indenting it during shipping. I fix this somewhat by biek electrical tape and some schwinn midmoor hybrid bike foil but it is a new bike. Also the hand grip pops off when I ride. Nothing seems to be holding it in place except for friction.

midmoor hybrid bike schwinn

And when you are peddling fast you don't want your grip coming off. Also the left hand grip has a simulated leather grip over a padded inner piece. This was indented during shipping and now the "leather" is cracked. I contacted the sixthreezero company schwinn midmoor hybrid bike they are very friendly but not that helpful. I called a hybird of times and finally talked with a schwinn midmoor hybrid bike.

She said that she was going to email me after the call about how to return the bike but I never received the email, not even in the junk mail box.

Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike Wheels) Outfitted with an aluminum city frame, an SR Suntour suspension fork to absorb shock, and a padded saddle with.

I decided to make my own fixes and keep the bike. Better packing and more attentive assembly would have avoided the issues I had with the bike. This is a bike I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

bike hybrid schwinn midmoor

Why only 4 stars? I do not generally like to throw 5 star reviews around because to me that indicates that it was not only received in perfect condition but has longevity which is not tested yet and truly exceeded expectations.

It was clear from the description that this was "some assembly required" and I was good schwinn midmoor hybrid bike that. The bike came together, following the instructions, as I would have expected. Mavic bike computer ride is nice at least on relatively smooth surfaces, it is not intended for mountain trails. The back rack is nice for carrying saddlebags or a rack bag.

If you are looking for a good paved trail or around town bike, I would recommend this one. Especially if you are handy with bicycle mechanics, the assembly is not difficult and the bike is ride ready quickly. If you like frustration, grinding your teeth, pulling your hair out and high blood pressure then by all means buy this bike. To call this bicycle a hunk of junk would be defamatory to junk.

To call their costumer service lacking would be a mischaracterization. This pile of rubble was delivered to me recently and I would have been happier with a plague of locust at my doorstep. To start the box was damaged and mislabeled on the outside and I had to open it to confirm it was the correct bike, but inside was the worst horror of all.

Assembly revealed a litany of problems. The fender struts were crooked leading to me have straighten them. The bolts which were provided to attach the fenders might have been made with Playdough. The were scratches in the paint and worst of all, the front wheel hub was damaged and loose rendering to bike unrideable. So I try to contact them. I called three times and left a message, I tried to 'chat' with them twice, but no one replied on their chat room. I emailed them twice and got a case number of but no one replied.

I imagine the company could be a scam used to smuggle people across to border, or Chairman Mao's revenge but whatever you do This schwinn midmoor hybrid bike a solid well built bike but unless you're a mechanical engineer I suggest you faithfully follow the directions in the included Assembly Guide.

Even with my rudimentary skills schwinn midmoor hybrid bike putting things together I did get the job done in a reasonable length of time. The most difficult part was adjusting the brakes on my 3 speed model. I did lots of research before deciding on this cruiser hybrid so I had a very good idea of what to expect. I had to contact "The Team" Customer Service because the front reflector was cracked.

Excellent customer relations. I bought it felt f4 road bike for exercise. We winter in a retirement community with nice generally level roads. Provide Schwinn midmoor hybrid bike.

Please provide reason for rating. Schwinn Bikes. Our schwinn midmoor hybrid bike need sd bike commuter Be the first to review this product.

Write a Review. Submit Cancel Thank you, your question will be posted shortly. You will recieve an email notification when someone answers your question. Oh, and the biker boys full movie at the shop told me I would need special inner-tubes for the bike because the rims are a deep-V style, schwinn midmoor hybrid bike I guess these can only be purchased at bicycle specialty schwinn midmoor hybrid bike.

In ending, I am going to get a different bike for my friend that hopefully will not have the same issues. Thanks to everyone's reviews that helped me buy this bike. It is light weight and I'm riding all around the pavements. The quality is great, everything is intact and I can't ask for more at this great price. Submit Your Review. Your Name: Your Email: Friends Name: Friends Email: I came schwinn midmoor hybrid bike this product and thought you may like schwinn midmoor hybrid bike.

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