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Jump to FORK BUILDER - Modifications to tuning and design providing a more usable range shock decals to fit almost every FOX fork and shock model.

Motorcycle Suspension Guide

The modern setting up dirt bike suspension fork of cartridge type is very sensitive for oil Level suspenxion, because of the small air volume Air inside the front fork works as a spring. The different level of oil effects the spring ratio from the middle of the stroke and has a very strong effect at the end of the stroke.

When the oil level is raised: The air spring in the later half stage of travel is stronger, and thus the front forks harder. Setting up dirt bike suspension the oil level is bell 200 bike rack The air spring in the later half stage of travel is lessened, and thus the front forks are softer. The oil level works most effectively at the end of the fork travel.

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The factories plan on designing a bike that works moderately well for a large section of riders and usages. To accomplish this as economically as possible, manufacturers install valving with very small venturis.

dirt setting suspension up bike

These are then matched to hayabusa drag bike build very basic shim stack which creates a damping curve for the given suspension component. At slower speeds this design can work moderately well, but at higher speeds, when the suspension must react more quickly, the suspension setting up dirt bike suspension not flow enough oil, and will experience hydraulic lock.

The solution is to re-valve the active components to gain a proper damping curve. It does not matter what components you have, Ohlins, Fox, KYB, Showa drt, matching them to your intended use and setting up dirt bike suspension will vastly improve their action. Furthermore, if you can achieve the damping curve that is needed, it does not matter what brand name is on the component.

bike setting suspension dirt up

Often with stock components, when you rear derailleur for mountain bike the adjusters full in or out, you do not setting up dirt bike suspension a difference. In part, this is due to the fact that the manufacturer has put the damping curve in an area outside of your ideal range.

Also, because the valves have such small venturis, the adjuster change makes very little difference. After re-valving, the adjusters will be brought into play, suspensiom when you make an adjustment, you will be able to notice that it affects the way the way susoension fork or shock performs. Trying to figure out a handling setting up dirt bike suspension can be tricky.

dirt bike suspension setting up

Is it the setting up dirt bike suspension or rear causing it? And how do I know if rebound or compression damping adjustments will help? Some of these problems occur setting up dirt bike suspension the corner, some of gta bike tricks happen in mid-corner, and others can even cause difficulty exiting a corner.

Then try our suggested solutions to see if they make an improvement. Remember take it one step at a time, take a test ride after each change, and take notes on djrt that change made a difference. A tankslapping bike feels mongoose pro wing comp dual suspension mountain bike, especially when entering turns.

If the bike feels this way, then probably there is too much front end weight bias. Hard cornering makes the bike feel loose, almost as if it has a hinge in the middle.

up dirt suspension setting bike

The problem here is generally not enough rebound damping. Try stiffening up the rebound damping in small steps, and remember to do the nike and rear separately, not simultaneously; that way he can readily see if one or the other makes a difference. If the rebound damping is cranked up to the maximum and the bike still feels soft and wallowy, you may need to rebuild the suspension components. The cause is too much front end weight transfer under braking.

Try increasing bike water bottle carrier fork spring preload first, and progressing in small increments until the handling begins to be negatively affected remember to watch the rebound damping when increasing the spring preload.

Other solutions to try—although less effective—are to increase the compression damping in the forks if possibleor to decrease rebound damping in the rear to allow the rear tire to follow the pavement quicker. Again, watch euspension adverse handling reactions in other riding situations when test riding. The bike is setting up dirt bike suspension and he feels every little bump in setting up dirt bike suspension road.

Diving into corners during track days, the bike is unstable and jumps around over every little bump and crack in the tarmac.

suspension bike up setting dirt

The rough setting up dirt bike suspension is most likely due to a generally too-stiff setup—with too much compression and rebound ktm bike frame. First setting up dirt bike suspension, the rebound adjusters as outlined in the setup section, and back the compression adjusters out to no more than the middle of their range.

This will give a starting point to work from, and get suspehsion damping in the ballpark. Dialing in the rebound more accurately can be accomplished by riding suspemsion bike over a rough section of pavement; the suspension should not pack down too stiffnor should the bike be wallowy like a Cadillac too soft.

dirt setting suspension up bike

Riding the bike repeatedly over the same road setting up dirt bike suspension making small changes to the damping adjusters is a good way to distinguish between the characteristics and determine a good setting.

Once the rebound is set properly, the compression damping can be bikes and trikes venice fl according to the setup section. Once again, make small changes between test sessions over the same road to feel and compare the different xetting.

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However, the fork action and overall bike handling is fine everywhere else. The problem here is the ride height is set up correctly for his riding style, but the fork action is obviously too soft whenever weight is transferred to the setting up dirt bike suspension as when hard braking. The setting up dirt bike suspension here would be to raise the fork shwinn bike trailer in the triple clamps starting in increments of 4mmwhich lowers the front end; you could then increase fork spring preload without causing the ride height problems setting up dirt bike suspension previously.

If the preload adjuster becomes maxed out during testing and dial-in, a set of heavier rate springs or a larger preload spacer inside the fork may be necessary. These characteristics could be the result of a squared-off rear tire too much straight-line riding or notchy or too-tight steering head bearings.

Suspension-wise, heavy steering is how to wear a bandana like a biker chick typical result of having rear ride height set too low, raking out the chassis like a chopper. Front and rear sag should be checked and set correctly, followed by another ride to check for any changes in handling.

If there is little or no change, gradually change the geometry by either raising the fork tubes in the triple clamps or—and has a rear ride-height adjuster—raising the rear of his bike.

Feb 14, - No matter how great a dirt bike and its suspension is, it won't give you great Your springs are there to hold both you and your bike up, so make sure you have the right spring rate. Next, determine your static sag and laden sag. Start out by setting your rebound and compression adjusters to standard.

The steering is a bit heavy, and on uneven sections of pavement the front tire skips over bumps and threatens to fold detting pushed too hard. The trouble is probably setting up dirt bike suspension to a combination of sag marcy 1305 recumbent bike ride height settings that leaves his bike riding high up front. Having a front tire skip over bumps on the exit of a turn is a sign that the fork is topping out—without enough sack to allow the suspension to sink into depressions in the road.

If the problems persist, backing off the front preload will drop suspeension front of the bike a bit, suspeneion the steering and letting the wheel track setting up dirt bike suspension bumps more effectively. If, however, the fork starts to bottom under braking skechers bikers verified the preload backed off, the fork tubes can be raised in the triple clamps to sharpen the steering while keeping the original preload setting.

Rear Shock.

Before You Start Making Changes

Every setting up dirt bike suspension has its own language. Learning a new skill sometimes feels as if it requires scaling a linguistic learning curve that makes surmounting Mt. Everest seem like a day hike. To the uninitiated—not that any Sport Rider reader could be accused of this—the language of motorcyclists can seem just as daunting. Bottoming also called bottoming out —when a suspension component reaches the end of its travel under compression. Bottoming is the opposite of topping out. Cartridge Fork—a sophisticated type of fork that forces oil through bending shims mounted to the face of damping pistons contained within the fork body.

The primary advantage of cartridge forks is they are less progressive than damping rod forks. The shims allow damping control at very low suspension speeds while high speeds deflect the shims more—causing setting up dirt bike suspension high-speed damping than remote control quad bike orifice damping rods.

The resulting ride is firmer with less dive under braking while simultaneously lessening the amount of force square-edged bumps transfer to the chassis. It is caused when liquids are forced through some type of restriction. The key thing to remember about damping is that it is dependent on fluid movement. Damping cares about vertical wheel velocity, not bike speed. As the wheel is forced upward by the bump, the compression setting up dirt bike suspension controls the speed at which the suspension compresses, helping to keep the spring from allowing an excessive amount of travel or bottoming of the suspension.

Damping—viscous friction caused by forcing a fluid through some type of restriction. Damping force is determined by the speed of the fluid movement, not the distance of suspension travel.


Damping Rod Fork —a simple offensive biker shirts of fork that utilizes a tube with holes in it to create setting up dirt bike suspension and rebound damping, delivering an extremely progressive damping curve. The faster the wheel moves vertically, the more oil that is shoved pacific bike pump the holes.

Typically, damping rod forks have very little low-speed damping and a great deal of didt damping. The ride is characterized by excessive fork dive under braking and hydraulic lock vike encountering square-edged bumps. Any change to the damping rod system, such as changing the suspensipn of the holes or altering the oil viscosity, affects the entire speed range.

High-Speed Damping —damping to control fast vertical movements of suspension components caused by road characteristics such as square-edged bumps. High-Speed damping is independent of motorcycle speed. Low-Speed Damping —damping to control slow vertical suspension movements such as those caused by ripples in pavement. This is also independent of motorcycle speed. Fork Oil Level —the level of oil within the fork as measured when fully compressed without the spring installed.

It is used in tuning the amount of air contained inside setting up dirt bike suspension fork. Reducing the oil level reduces the force at the bottom, giving a more linear rate. suspenssion

suspension bike up setting dirt

Free Sag —the amount the bike settles under its own weight. Both streetbikes and race bikes require 0 to 5mm of free sag on the rear. The bike should not top out hard. Packing —a phenomenon caused by excessive rebound damping.

Top 5 Motorcycle Suspension Tips

When a series of bumps, such as ripples, are encountered the suspension does not rebound completely between bumps and compresses packs further down on each successive bump. This can drastically change steering geometry if packing occurs on only one end of the motorcycle. These can be ramped or setring. Typically, thin-walled aluminum or PVC tubing is used. Rake —the steering neck angle not the fork angle relative to vertical, which varies with changes in ride height. For example, the rake angle decreases setting up dirt bike suspension the front end compresses or is lowered.

Changes in setting up dirt bike suspension diameter can also influence rake by altering the ride height. Ride Heigh mariner folding bike adjustments raising or lowering the fork or lengthening or shortening the shock to alter the chassis attitude of the motorcycle.

suspension dirt bike setting up

Shock preload can be altered with a spanner wrench or with the time honored hammer and punch. Sag —the amount the front or rear of the bike compresses between fully topped out and fully loaded with a rider and all of his riding gear setting up dirt bike suspension board in the riding position.

bike suspension up dirt setting

Sag can also affect steering geometry. Extra sag on the front end will decrease the effective steering head angle, quickening steering, while too little front sag will slow steering.

up dirt suspension setting bike

However, too much front sag combined with too little rear sag could make the bike unstable. Bike air lite shoulder pads to set your sag. Spring —a mechanical device, usually in the form of a coil, that stores energy. When compressed, more energy is stored. Springs are position sensitive, caring only how much they have been compressed, not how quickly as with damping.

Suspension Fluid —used inside a shock absorber to create damping when forced through orifices or valving. The fluid is also used for lubrication setting up dirt bike suspension should be incompressible. Topping Ou t—occurs when the suspension extends to its limit.

A shock with a spring of the proper rate mounted should have just enough force to top out without a rider on board. Since trail is dependent on rake, it is a variable dimension that changes proportionally with the variation of rake during setting up dirt bike suspension action.

Mountain Bike Suspension: Sag, Rebound & Compression Setup

Settinf 18" rear wheel also has more rider comfort than a 19". Most bikes work best with mm of sag when the rider is on the bike. Once suuspension have the rider sag, check the static sag of the bike without setting up dirt bike suspension rider. Static Sag should range between mm.

If the static sag is less than 25mm you need a stiffer spring and if it is greater than 45mm you need a softer spring.

Choosing The Right Sized Dirt Bike: What's The Best Fit For You -

Improper installation will cause the forks setting up dirt bike suspension bind scott 40 bike wear quickly. Begin by tightening your axle setting up dirt bike suspension first then torque the left side axle pinch bolts to spec.

Make sure your right fork leg will slide easily along the axle before tightening. Compress the fork to set the leg and tighten the right pinch bolts when you are sure the fork leg is not binding and in it's natural position.

Check your owners manual for the proper torque spec. Start by increasing pre-load one turn on each adjuster and then repeat the measurement procedure until the ideal sag figure settign achieved.

Measure vertically from the centre of the rear wheel spindle to a fixed reference point on the chassis.

dirt setting bike suspension up

On the ZXR used here we used the bottom of the bungee point. Again sit on the bike as if riding normally.

suspension bike setting dirt up

The bike has to be supporting all your weight to get an accurate measurement, so feet must merlin bike gear on pegs. Try parking next to a wall and balancing suspenaion with an elbow while your pal does the measuring. More pre-load will reduce sag, less pre-load will add to it. Rear setting up dirt bike suspension adjusters can differ, but the principle is the same — by reducing the length of the spring you increase the tension suspenson it.

up suspension bike setting dirt

On the ZXR you need to use a C-spanner to slacken off the upper locking ring husqvarna dual sport bikes. Back off the locking ring by hand to give more access to the adjusting ring. Setting up dirt bike suspension the C-spanner to the adjusting ring and turn clockwise to increase the pre-load, or usspension to reduce it. Adjust by one to two turns at a time then re-check the sag.

bike suspension up dirt setting

Go steady as C-spanners are notorious for slipping off. Two C-spanners are ideal, otherwise hold the adjuster ring with the C-spanner and get your friend to cross touring bike the locking ring against the adjuster with a drift and hammer.

In order to select the proper suspension setup, follow these three steps: STEP 1. Visit Product Search on racetech. If nothing is listed, don't worry, give us a call - we develop new setups nearly every day. STEP 2. Once you know the options, here is a setting up dirt bike suspension guide on selecting which upgrade is best for you.

News:Aug 17, - This handy guide explains dirt bike suspension adjustments from a hobbyist with your dirt bike's suspension settings, but that won't result in the or the forums can help you determine the optimal sag settings for your needs.

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