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Small Brown Bike, Casket Lottery - Small Brown Bike & the Casket Lottery Recalling the true history of this band, from my point of view, might be a bit of a task.

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relationships and ideas are all represented on their debut LP, Hoop Dreams. If you dig bands like Small Brown Bike, Bear vs. Shark, or New Bruises, this band.

We listened to the ocean and watched the sunset as we talked about writing, creativity and Michigan while kids played catch on the beach.

I know you've been around long enough to put out 2 small brown bike band albums, a 7" small brown bike band and a bunch of singles, but I don't know how you got started. I've never smaall seen any interviews with you.

Yeah, yeah. Well, we've all been friends for years.

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My brother's in the band so I've known him bike haven nj years and I've been friends with Travis since I was 5 years smalo. Small brown bike band how it all started. We were friends first and then we started doing music in high school and that was just messing around, learning our instruments.

bike band brown small

Then about 5 years ago, small brown bike bandis when Small Brown Bike actually started. I don't know. We're just all into the same kind of stuff, just biker bells wholesale growing up together, and then we started putting out our own 7 inches and we just went from there.

It's only in the last year really that people have taken note and heard our records. buke

band small brown bike

No Idea helped us out so much with their distribution and all their support. We couldn't have done anything without them. So was there anything in particular that inspired you to start playing? Well, music has always been in my family.

The Casket Lottery

My dad had guitars around the house all the time and I grew up listening to music so it was kind of in my blood. For all of us, it's just something we always enjoyed.

bike small band brown

And art. My mom paints, all of us do stuff like that so I guess this is our version of art that we do in my family. I think it just kind of came naturally.

band small brown bike

We were all interested in writing songs and whatever. So it just kind of originated in your environment. Yeah, that's how I feel. It was just natural.

brown band small bike

Small brown bike band could just play guitar. I'd sit at home and play guitar for 2 or schwinn frontier gs mountain bike hours and that's just what I did. Now we're writing songs and that's what I love to do. All of us love to practice and go on tour and all smalll benefits that come with it like learning how to play guitar.

It's awesome. So did Michigan have anything to do with it?

bike band brown small

I'm sure it had an effect. I don't know if it was direct, like, "Oh, I'm bored, I want to start a band," but now I know that it affects us, like our environment affects the way our music sounds.

Small Brown Bike - Safe In Sound (Official Video)

That probably small brown bike band more of an effect on us now, where we live and what kind of tendencies come out of our music, that's what Michigan helps us small brown bike band. I don't mind Peugeot 12 speed racing bike, I love borwn there, so it's nice to have that brodn of environment. I think it influences our music.

One of the things I've been getting from your music is that there seems to be a disconnection. You all seem really nice, but your music sounds really angry. I don't look bike blowout our music as really angry music. I look at it as intense and honest music.

brown bike band small

We try to be as honest as we are to ourselves and I guess I just look at us as honest people and that comes through in our music. It's just that release.

A wild, intense ride with Small Brown Bike

When it comes to music, we just love to biker boots sale go. So it's more catharsis. Yeah, I'm sure it is. It just feels right to play and write songs and it helps. It's therapeutic to work on music, to play a show and look out and see browh singing small brown bike band.

bike small band brown

It's great therapy to be able to scream my lyrics out at the top of my lungs. It's like screaming out my journal and it's nice to be able to do that, whatever the situation.

band bike small brown

So you write your songs from personal experience. Well, yeah. That's pretty much small brown bike band we all write. A lot of the stuff just comes from personal experiences. That's how I'll write some songs.

brown band small bike

I'll grab my journal crossroads elite bike draw from that. That's just what I feel most comfortable writing about, things that have happened to me. That's what interests me a lot - relationships with people, friends and family and stuff like that. It sounds smxll that's what "Future With No Friends" is about, people changing until you don't recognize who small brown bike band are anymore.

Track Listing.

bike small band brown

Small Brown Bike. Safe in Sound. A Declaration of Sorts.

brown band small bike

Scream in the Silence. Day and Nightmares. Tragically Ending. American post-hardcore musical groups Musical groups from Michigan Musical groups established in Musical groups disestablished in Emo revival groups.

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Ever think about crossing rickety, old-time, barrelhouse rock with bits of Suicide's electro-drone and the falling apart song structures of early Pavement? Of course not.

band small brown bike

No one would. The Fiery Furnace's avant-roadhouse gt world tour bike is like bik else out there. Yeah, there were some demos that I totally forgot about. It was more interesting how we arranged those demos and what they eventually became.

Mostly the Dead Reckoning demos were very different from the album. Do you plan to do any shows around the release of this small brown bike band We talked about trying to do something.

band small brown bike

News:Nov 7, - This week, we're picking our favorite songs with “fall” in the title. A Small Brown Bike song marks the beginning of fall One band that's always top of mind during this period is Small Brown Bike, due in large part to its

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